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Original showers a W.O.W

Each designer, creator looking for new media to give free rein to his imagination, the brand W.O.W proposes to invest your bathroom and specially your shower. Very current, the redesign of your welfare pieces always pushes it a little further.

Original showers a W.O.W

Original showers a W.O.W

Original showers a W.O.W

Original showers a W.O.W

Original showers a W.O.W

A multitude of possibilities, combinations, colors, accessories are available

Select the options for your shower, serie? Extra Charge? car radio? storage? this reminds me of something .. the world of flexible, modular or rather not? is in constant expansion and provided it lasts ..

Brand website: W.O.W


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    Raine Blain 

    It’s really great and beautiful.
    I love I’m a fan….
    Congratulations again for this post.


    Raphael Merrett 

    Beautiful, especially if everything could be personalized with your own photos or example image.


    Theodor Mosley 

    shower ego, j’adoore me being naked dresses.
    Shower only be a solo and accompanied me well in the shower…
    The designer of the body will love.


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