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Newton’s virus by the collective Troika

The collective Troika We returned again to offer us an interpretation of any particular element of everyday life, in relation to new technologies. Having previously stigmatizes men and SMS (SMS Guerilla Projector), they present here a «nice» virus, called Newton’s Virus.

Newton’s virus, it is the force of gravity applied to your desktop In a world where the viruses were created to harm and destroy the English Collective TROIKA proposes to create a harmless virus whose sole purpose is to bring some realism and poetry at the legendary desktop (in French, the computer desk.)
Handle your computer, tilt and watch the icons react to the gravity force that is invited in this virtual environment rudimentary, cold. Operating only on the Macintosh platform virgin virus attacks, it’s a way as TROIKA back to the golden age of the first viruses developed exclusively for PC.

Downloadable upon USB key, the virus is introduced directly into your computer but do not multiply and does not infect other computers that may be-spoke network, it offers just a moment of magic and surprise, perfect for relax the atmosphere in the office (the real
this time).

Emilie, new editor for the Blog Esprit Design, proves once again that the «Design», its reflection, its questioning his desire to disturb or contribute can find many playgrounds.

Collective website: Troika

by Emilie for the Spirit Blog Design

Category: high tech

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