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New Freebox V6 by Philippe Starck

New Freebox V6 by Philippe Starck

Free just unveil today even the new version of its Freebox, passing model V6. In addition to technological innovations (large storage, blue ray player, joystick, server;) Is the look of it which heckled us.

Glossy black, one learns pretty quickly that our Philippe Starck National is behind this achievement, rather successful (I find) For a multimedia device.

What do you think of this kind of association, or input from our designers, multidisciplinary now?

New Freebox V6 by Philippe Starck

New Freebox V6 by Philippe Starck

More information: here

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    Justin Leedham 

    Starck he kills the design?


    Penney Heyne 

    Starck or Luc Besson design. The same recipe every time that has nothing revolutionary but more than words!



    whatever is said she still even more mouth that my poor box sfr.



    Yves Behart fuseproject, the most Swiss of American designers, it is less slim or Ora Ito for Brick Co.
    In all 3 cases, they sell their name and drawing a box.


    Shelly Bankes 

    really everywhere, but not alone.



    Old video that puts S + arck and IT perspective.



    A tad demagogic speech.
    Its packaging is pretty light, I prefer the discrete technology, with minimal clutter and less ostentatious, more from the perspective of Appeal in.



    prof: you should send the video of Stark Stark.


    Langston Haime 

    I forget to put this video, he talks about the air vibrating and he knows it.
    Stark begins to resemble Pacorabane.


    Kit Huggins 

    Wikipedia: Paco Rabanne has made a specialty of eccentric statements on television sets. He claims to have the first time makes love to the earth by digging a hole in the ground, during a visit in Leon, Brittany province judged by him as «the most reactionary of France» .It says he had several lives (including that of a whore of the Palais Royal, mistress of Louis XV), to have Jesus coasting along in a previous life, seeing God three times, and having received the extraterrestres. Alors visit Francois Mitterrand had decided not to be present for the 1981 presidential following the debate against Valery Giscard d’Estaing, said he would have the Socialist leader, at a dinner in the presence of Roger Hanin he would be elected and should therefore represent. In 1999, a few days before the total solar eclipse of August 11, he predicted through the media that the Mir Space Station was crashing in France, its debris causing thousands of deaths in Paris and the region of Gers) and cause thousands of deaths. On him, he undertakes not to make any prediction if it is not realized. However, he claims to have seen a vision of the Virgin ordering him to continue the predictions.
    Taking the «seeing» to the word, the Circle Zététique organizes the «aperitif survivors’ which brings together about 200 people, by denouncing this good-protest the futility of such a prediction.
    In spite of the failure of that coup d’eclat, and a reputation gained a pathological liar oscillating lights, among the public and the media, it continues to appear regularly in a specialized press, more addressing the topic of its so-called paranormal experiences than high fashion. «So nothing to do with PS.
    Freebox: the Starck video presentation.


    Fabe Chidsey 

    I meant in terms of thundering declarations of two men who actively participated in the history of art and not the content.
    But PS is much more self-sufficient and changing.


    Johnnie Whitelaw 

    It is not the only one doing circus mediatic.


    Kelsi Gorringe 

    There are comedians that make you laugh and laugh, but those talking about other things.



    RE: vincent: a subject with an open mind question about design or a preselection of 6 to 10 designers?
    Philippe Starck, the design man of the year 2010?


    Che Burton 

    In his research Poietic Blog of Estelle Berger talks about design Starck. interesting?



    Stark manufacturer ostentatious objects Sad finding.


    Bevan Putt 

    RE: Olivier. C.
    «Starck manufacturer ostentatious objects sad statement» I do not understand this comment you make references to what?



    «It is a Chinese strategy. It is a formidable effectiveness, he knows to be the must or when it is necessary. He understood what Jean Baudrillard says the consumer society and has transformed the use value in symbolic value. No matter that his juicer is not practical to have in the kitchen means to belong to a certain intelligentsia. »


    Cristen Soles 

    The opinion of Nicolas Minvieille (prof and consultant) who worked 7 years for Starck, responsible brands is interesting. «The book is divided into three parts, the first turns to the notoriety of Starck as such and the final analysis the efficiency of the» Starck-system «. The second part is the theoretical underbody on which the thesis Bauer developed. Both say now, it’s literature researcher and the list of Chinese or indirect strategies will interest only PhD potentiels. D’une general way, the approach is interesting insofar as it starts from the observation of an incredible presence in the print media, which amazed presence Bauer because -without questioning the expertise of many starck- other designers are talented without being known. Next to this, virtually no other media intrigue and brings to question why such a love for the clipboard.
    The answers to which have been made the problematic revolve mainly around the staged by Starck his character and the use of indirect strategies: «I’m not a designer,» «non-objects to non-consumers» etc. From a theoretical point of view, this is certainly seductive but arises despite some issues while the link is done with reality and the putative Starck strategy that would result.
    For example, the fact that Starck has been for many years absent from the canvas does not fail to amaze Bauer, but the reasons seem somewhat limited Was found «Starck is so long in between resistance against Internet to maintain, develop its reputation. » We can prevent here to think about the criticism of Mauss by Levi-Strauss when he speaks of hau and he wonders if it is not found in case the anthropologist would duped by his subject of study. »



    even among the green / green.


    Jammie Gillham 

    Very telling to know that Stark is the time to receive attention and studies of the elite of our society but I think we judge people and their intentions on the economic-mediatic decorum surrounding its production and very little relevance of these objects.
    The Designer least mediatic are entitled to much less respects when has the analysis of their productions. I’m no economist manufacturer of objects or shrink as such is subject to not talk about the designer if he needs to show as we can ask about the interest of these achievements. For me the man is above all a very good magician.



    Spherical asked me what I think about that (I do not remember which site) my answer.


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