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My job: Specimen, a French edition house

My job: Specimen, a French edition house

Today, all meet a French edition house Specimen Edition, but what are the activities, the trades, the skills, the demarches of a publishing house?

— Can present you in a few words?

Specimen is a company of contemporary furniture specialized in the limited edition series, and working exclusively with young designers.

Our will is to represent the creative elan of our generation, giving the opportunity to our designers to realize personal projects, unusual and innovative.

Our parts are published in up to 25 copies.

- You are the creator of a design edition company, but what does it consist of?

The editor is a project leader. We select on a map the most innovative projects, and work at the project’s transformation to a physical reality.

An editor is working together with the designer and the manufacturer, raises technological hurdles, finance prototypes and method has the marketing of the object which he accompanies creation.

The editor is thus the cornerstone between the designer, the manufacturer and the customer: the edition is a human and commercial adventure made of encounters, surprises, disappointments also, and above all passion.

- How long you’re exercising this trade? What have the main evolutions?

Our company is young (barely five months of activity), It is born of a complicity between two people, a desire to undertake, with a passion for the art world in general, especially for the design and a good dose of will.

- Or you’re based?

Our offices and showroom in Paris are deprived (18 rue Raffet 75016 Paris).

But do not we want to be piecing a geographical point we are moving at fairs in the design meetings, in France and abroad.

- Do you work exclusively on the internet or not?

Of course we have a website (, but this is not enough: we present original objects and high-end, it is important that our customers can see, touch, feel, try product ..

This is why we participate in many years in the event, allowing our collection has to travel, while relying on a showroom deprives Parisien.

- You consider as an actor? Creator? Spectator?

We had both actors and spectators. One will also not without the other: a good actor is above all a good spectator of the world to which he claims to belong.

But we are not, strictly speaking, the creators. We are companions, we are a driving force in the wide world of design, but the creators are our designers.

My job: Specimen, a French edition house

Bedside table, Chandabrabhu by Sylvain Rieu-Piquet

- Are you able to live your activities?

After barely five months of activity the prospects are very good. But one does not become profitable in a short time.

- What are your activities to the daily (day type)?

A day type is made of appointment, the press reading, records, research, problems and solutions. What is actually exciting is that our work affects all areas: communication, administration, marketing, legal, finance.

It is very large, very rewarding, taking very well.

- What is your background? (Training, diploma, opportunites)

Specimen, is primarily associated with two different and complementary courses animated by a common desire.

I am the director of administrative and commercial structure, which is natural in view of my training (Bi DEUG economics / foreign languages, license and mastery mention Law Political Science, Master 2 cultural engineering in the Versailles faculties and Nice Sophia Antipolis).

I have also worked for a year with a Parisian curator in partnership with the Ministry of Culture on an exhibition at the Royal Palace.

Tristan Pannier, my associates, is the artistic director of «Specimen», he bathes in artistic creation as a child is going through a design school in Belgium before heading in cultural mediation, until Master 2 Nice Sophia Antipolis. Then he passes time at the gallery kreo.

My job: Specimen, a French edition house

Flat table by Pierre Lota

- Is it difficult to set up a company like yours? Do you have any advice to give people DESIRING to imitate you?

Complicated? No matter if you have the urge. What is certain is that we must believe in yourself, well surrounded, have few financial resources, time, and above all, passion. Because it does not count the hours or kilometers.

- Is it possible to have a photo with you? (Office )

My Home? This looks like a large loft in which a broker would store his best finds. A Layouts «deconstructs» We could talk, although I prefer the term «bush», more adapted to my state of mind. (shame about the photo)

- How do you choose the projects for which you deal personally? Encounter? Bouche a Oreille? Living Room?

We select our project among the promising young generation, and we operate at the stroke of heart. As I said earlier, collaboration is a human adventure: it is born of a common sensibility, the accession to the same business plan, a taste for the dynamism of a willingness to upset the design to better renew.

Such encounters can be done in a salon, a cafe, an office, a vernissage

My job: Specimen, a French edition house
My job: Specimen, a French edition house

Foldchair by Olivier Gregoire

- Do you work in a team?

Of course, a team of two associates and five designers we hear develop.

- How would you define your «style»?

More than a style, we develop a gait: it is a creation elan united yet diverse that we are defending, has the image of the current design. We like our editions tell stories.

We could talk about lyricism.

My job: Specimen, a French edition house
My job: Specimen, a French edition house

Duplex Concept by Contance Guisset

- What is your purpose? Do you have a course of action, thoughts of your work?

Our goal is to emerge and accompany a group of designers who do not think the same thing, which does not necessarily have the same sensibilities, the same materials of predilection but all involved and participate in design development.

Working for us is to work with us on this project.

Our ambition is to renew ourselves constantly surprise and offer innovative objects in aesthetics, in the art and reliable in their function.

- Do you work in collaboration with other businesses? Artisans? .. What?

We work with many craftsmen, specialists often a matter or technique, in varied areas: felt, wood, stone, glass, iron, carbon

All our rooms have a traditional dimensions, sometimes melee has a more industrial technique.

Our craftsmen play a central role in our work, as are the essential guarantors of exemplary quality for all our items.

- What will be of you after tomorrow’s trends?

In the long term: the design globalizing and grows. It is divided suddenly easier. Just like literature or cinema, we are now talking about copyright design for example. I think the other «sub-categories will be born,» for examples derived forms of «alternative design», again as in the cinema.

I also recently saw a report on nanotechnology adapted materials. On after me, the designers will have before them new tools that will help to develop multifunctional objects, more innovative, ingenious

- What are your outstanding projects?

We are actively preparing our second collection for September, but it’s still a bit early to talk about it.

- That you would like realize?

I have recently been jealous when I saw the vase Benjamin Graindorge for YmerMalta editor. This is a very nice room


- One of your dreams?

Forcing the Lockheed Lounge Chair. She plays such an important role in the design.

My job: Specimen, a French edition house

Dened by Guillaume Delvigne

- What are your essential qualities to perform your job?

Passion, tenacity and commitment (it’s a trade or you do not count the hours)

- Or do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

Trying to defend our concept and our designers on new markets.

- Why accept to answer questions on BED?

Blogs play a very important role in the dissemination of design. BED being a quality blog, it was quite natural for me to answer your questions.

- What are the things (concepts, demarches) To encourage or create the net to put forward the design trades and your creations?

When is a design wikipedia? There are so many parts to referencer. (a good idea)

- What do you think of blogs / sites on the web dealing deco «design»

Design is expanding, the amount of blogs on this subject reflects the excitement and qualities are unequal.

If I had to name a few: Yokoo, Deezen, the magazine of design, BED

My job: Specimen, a French edition house

010 lamp by William Delvigne

Thank you to all the team of Specimen Editions for their kindness and availability ..

Their gait:

» At the border of art and industrial product, Specimen is a new publishing house in perpetual motion, only functional mode of its urgency to produce the new outside of the genre canons. No permanent showroom, no artistic limitation, one absolute rule: to offer in limited edition of the parts of Emerging designers who find Specimen with the opportunity to lay the foundations of their vocabulary in complete freedom.

Personal, unusual, poetic, innovative, technically, every room is in itself a specimen. Needless to find a neighborhood, a kinship between each. Based on the thunderbolt and the meeting with the creators, the adventure undertaken by Tristan Pannier and Alaric Miaume invalidates any attempt at classification.

Specimen therefore arise and meet the collectors in France, abroad, in the contemporary art fairs and design events to promote French design, creation and a state of mind as ephemeral qu’irrepressible: the Youth and envy.

More information about the publishing house: Specimen-Edition

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    Dolf Kittridge 

    I have a preference for Foldchair Olivier Gregoire.
    I completely pass was beside Benjamin Graindorge vase project to another editor .dont sometimes the image, posture and speech blur projects and made me reject his same objects as those of Gilles Belley (some obscure texts of journalists as Yann Sillec in Intramuros do not permit approach these young designers same as intellectualization design some blogs).


    Zayne Cave 

    I love the concept Chandabrabhu, shape, achievement, materials…


    Eden Staniland 

    Currently looking for new profiles Interviews BEDesign, do not hesitate to show you!


    Tiger Keedy 

    I love the flat table it is really beautiful (And you can interview me if you want )


    Marylou Arkell 

    Commme Vincent is looking for new profile for interviews, I chose Cedric Ragot (Jonathan Shepherd Design Paris, former area manager Europe Alessi made the same choice) I would rather know ymer malta.



    Commme Vincent is in search of new profile: Swann Bourotte.


    Brand Pan 

    Commme Vincent is looking for new profile for interviews, here is the most talented young Swiss (This is the.


    Ana Footman 

    As Vincent is looking for french designers it sugffit click see the bottom of each page and the list of French designers present on this site will appear with qq project.



    Thank you for your help.


    Gaynell Baggs 

    good morning.
    I would like to edit, design concepts,
    free stool, innovative concept based on a brevetd’invention furniture, reconciling the rotation and translation movement in space, the heart of the system brings the unpublished proposals never seen.
    flower-light, bright vase; combining water and light to give a floral note to our intimate spaces.
    affective table, table vegetable concept for urban greenery missing.
    eric the property to you moal.



    Acne store the sublime copenhagen Foldchair by Olivier Gregoire published by Editions Specimen.


    Brendie Vaux 

    FLASH BACH 2010
    Prof Z says: June 14, 2010 13 h 53 min.
    This chair specimen does not seem to touch the ground…. like canapes rugs that have strewn the history of design…. …
    I also think that Gregoire Olivier Francois Clerc as nomads and other designers of Valenciennes design school and other French schools do not really touch the ground fault for not finding their true place in France……
    Francois Clerc 2012 edited by Castelli / Italy.


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