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My job: Product Designer interview OvaDesign

You should know change habits, we are On Friday but this time no-one to Selec ‘.

Previously announced on BED, a new section Appointee » Crafts of deco, design, Architecture «Arrives and will come about once a month to replace the now traditional Selec ‘Friday.

The aim being to discover through various interviews the course, the experiences of each, all to include trades with sometimes overused names.

Opening of the ball by OvaDesign :

My job: Product Designer by OvaDesign

  • Can present you in a few words?

Hello BED,

Ova Design, it is a product design studio based services and spaces by Nicolas Marquis, Benjamin Sabourin and Pierre-Emmanuel Thuret there are more than 2 years, we have a workshop in the Paris region has Ivry sur Seine and recently near office Montpellier.

My job: Product Designer interview OvaDesign

  • You are Designer exclusively or you have other strings to your bow?

We are designers product formation and thus operate the creation of a product industrialization and site supervision of space. Moreover our current structure allows us henceforth to industrialize we can even products «keys-in-hand» for our customers through a network of industrialists. Regarding other skills more creatives they get us to be by turns a little graphic designers, copywriters, photographers in our projects, but it is not our heart metier, we prefer to call the specialists partners in these areas.

  • What do you think of blogs / sites on the web dealing deco «design» (honestly)

This is one of our sources standby to monitor the actuality and discover innovative projects, surprising from the wide diversity of sites and blogs. The user has access to a plethora of information, concepts and beautiful images. I particularly appreciate the sites and blogs that unearthed and shows projects other than the ultra-profile designers, projects closer to the reality of our profession.

But honestly, the numerous blogs / e-shops dealing with object and furniture «design» evil use the term «design» which gradually became an adjective fits all! See a small note of humor about it on our blog: e word design have the virus

  • How long you’re designer? Have your creation studio?

We are designers since 2006, Nicolas as Independent Designer for SMEs and Benjamin as Designer-Scenographe at the Palace of the discovery and have co-BASED our SARL in 2008, starting at the relevant time in a small office of 25 m? with the model space in a hallway!

  • Do you work exclusively on the internet or not?

No, the Internet is our watch tool, research, communication. Everyday we work with paper, pencil, 2D and 3D software, model workshop, etc.

My job: Product Designer by OvaDesign

My job: Product Designer by OvaDesign

  • Is this your primary business activity?

We mainly work on creations and design of industrial products for SMEs or large companies, but we occasionally intervene on packaging creations, digging of commercial space, scenography.

  • Arrivedez-you have to live? (Subjective matter)

Yes, we work full time at the studio. But like any business establishment of the first years were not easy. We start our 3rd year so the experiences, sacrifices and assists years of working hours have contributed to the development of our current business.

  • What are your activities with daily? (day Type)

Ah, good question! The day type of a designer leaves little room for the creative phase because to carry through a project we proportionally spend a lot more time on the upstream phase (field observations, analysis of demand …) and especially on the management project, customer relations, development and industrial monitoring.

  • What is your background?

We crossed the high school benches in Applied Arts in 2000, and we have realized several collaborative projects. Then we undertook complementary route:

Nicolas: BTS ACI (now BTS Product Design) at Lycee Camille Claudel Blois and LSS-Creator designer The ENSAAMA — Olivier de Serres in Paris.

Benjamin: ACI BTS and higher Diploma in product design has CREASUD Bordeaux.

  • Is it difficult to become a «designer»?

To become a designer the schools are often selective (including free public courses), but they are becoming more numerous. The design courses abound (with different specialties) and it becomes difficult to find a junior designer job without experience at the output of schools … but it is not insurmountable for gifted students, motivated and knowing how to create the opportunites and professional network.

  • Possible to have a photo with you?

My job: Product Designer by OvaDesign

My job: Product Designer by OvaDesign

  • What are your working practices of creation (drawing, sketch, inspiration)

It’s hard to GIVE DETAILS few lines, but here’s an overview of our method. We strive to put the focus of our study the user and the client, making field observations, surveys, the detailed reports to clarify the specifications and define areas of research. Next comes the phase of creative or we use brainstorming, boards trends, research sketches, roughs, models of research Then comes the phase of technical development or detail the project using 3D modeling software, plans, prototypes, etc.

  • How do you choose the projects for which you deal personally? Always work in a team?

Each project has a project manager referring, however, we work as a team in the upstream phases and phases creatives, or team work is essential for a global vision of the project. We are a small company so we always follow one eye each of the projects.

  • How would you define your «style»?

We have no particular style specially through our various projects, we adapt our creations to customer needs and its specifications. Obviously when we work for the same client to create collections, we set up a line respecting creative branding, as we do for different ranges for Nature and discoveries for example.

My job: Product Designer by OvaDesign

My job: Product Designer by OvaDesign

  • Or do you get your inspirations?

Inspiration comes from everything around us, the observation of everyday life, to learn about a topic, to meet the users to create their inspirations according to each project, constantly discovering new things, be at the listening …

  • What is your purpose? Do you have a course of action, thoughts of your work?

We strive to diversify our projects and clients to constantly discover new areas and not rein in style. We have a particular preference for realized projects for SMEs or we can work with different services.

  • Do you work in collaboration with other businesses? Artisans? .. What?

Yes, with many trades depending on the project, the mold maker in plastics, to the arc factor, to marketers, the prototype designers and business creators.

  • What for you is the house of tomorrow?

An eco-designed home is just as expected answer, but the most important in our eyes.

  • What are the major innovations to come? (Layouts, uses objects )

Enough sharing on this point between the high-tech innovations changing our habits which tend to dematerialize objects and a return to sustainable with products life cycle optimizes.

  • What do you think of the great eco-building trend? Advances the concepts they affect you?

It is important that it finally becomes «trendy» for people to become aware of his interest in the future, hope that the hard and evolved tendency for it to enter into the habits and norms.

  • What do you think of your confreres? (honestly)

They are more numerous? whether in design integrated into a business, freelance designer or design agency.

  • What are your outstanding projects?

Design projects still confidential products that come out in a few days or months, but also a portmanteau project with a bow factor released in September. We also make furniture projects (Link

  • The next? A series of other projects with artisans in parallel our industrial design projects.
  • That you would like realize?Difficult to say, projects in the field of sustainable development are particularly exciting and complex … so one of the many eco-designed projects!
  • Are you handy?

Yes, it is a stakeholder in our passion for this trade, we have our prototyping workshop and prototyping in our offices, it is essential to tinker and experiment in volume.

  • Is it possible to finish to have a little drawing special Blog Esprit Design by OvaDesign?

My job: Product Designer by OvaDesign

(Nice .. Thanks



  • Why accept to answer questions on BED?

First of all thank you for giving us this interview offers, it is important to share our job to ensure that the public understands that there are designers who thought up each of their everyday products, whether a packet of cake , a weather vane in the garden or their tools.

  • What are the things (concepts, demarches) to encourage or create the net to put forward the design trades and your creations?

We just work with a few confreres designers, engineers and researchers, in recent months, a new collaborative media indicated to communicate on the profession of designer, it will be online very soon … It is also particularly emphasize the site which is intended for companies to give them all the keys to understand and to use design.

From our side we publish a blog on design for business, or we strive to publish articles intended for company managers and designers:

Thank you to all the team of the studio OvaDesign for its availability, responsiveness, honesty and kindness.

Well I know, the whole is slightly long, but so interesting

For more information: OvaDesign

Main workshop address has Ivry sur Seine (Metro Hall of Ivry)

Ova Design

1 wandered over the Liegat

94200 Ivry sur Seine

+ 33 (0) 1 46 72 19 64

Office of Montpellier

Ova Design

300H Viviers closed street

34830 Jacou

Our presence on the web:

The site:



On Facebook:

At the Edito:

The shop:

If you are interested, thank you to contact me via the contact form.

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    Rolph Addis 

    The word design is not as seller that you seem to say. Many editors in chiefs demand their editors, contributors and journalists (again the exact term is difficult to specify the statutes so flicker with blogs) to erase the term design in the articles. We are probably in the process of change paradigm;
    Some words like style, stylist, say the English style style or rather to the American again seems to seduce while the French seemed less tightness for an extension of the design of the territory. 3 words now appear on the podium in the company of mediatic indignation: finance, marketing, and design.



    While many are trying to find an angle to affect businesses.
    as entreprise-et-design. fr to reach consumers, one of the weak links remaining distributors that nobody seems to touch. But the problem is deeper because the National Education is enclosed in its dogmas of the republic of letters from the XIX century, like many other educational system, moreover, does not form a create, to innovate, to win.
    I do not think anyone here gives the key to develop the design for each of the contacts you need a big bunch of keys.
    To compare with the American economic war machine that seeps into the educational system, Barak Obama is now the turn of schools saying show me how your school is the best USA. et First Lady Michelle Obama Celebrates National Design Awards at the White House.


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