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My job: Fortune Carree, creation & amp Agency; Communication

Today, meet all a creation agency, Fortune Carree, but what are the activities, the trades, the skills, the demarches of an agency like this?

Mathieu Lodin, fortune Carree
My job: Fortune Carree, creation & Communication Agency

- Can present you in a few words?

Fortune Carree is a creation agency communication in the field of design, graphic design, packaging, web, adhesives naval archi. The agency was created in 2006 by myself, Matthew, 26 years, entrepreneur designer.

- You are the creator of a creation agency, but have other strings to your bow?

Well my profession of «base» is a naval architect but I form of self-taught way in the different areas related to the creation. Design, graphic design, packaging, web design, photography, adhesive deco ,, For me it is important to to realize comprehensive package for the project to be as coherent as possible.

Wash Tower, to design'un evier avec echelle de mesure de pile de vaisselle

Wash Tower, Design # 39; s a sink with dishes pile scale measurement

Line hood design of'une hotte de cuisine

Line hood design # 39; s a range hood

- What do you think of blogs / sites on the web dealing deco «design»

Development sites dealing with these subjects brings to me the opportunity to become known (evidence) for the creators and especially to have access to the only media that such radiation and goes very quickly

- How long you’re exercising this trade? What have the main evolutions?

I had my account since 2006, so AC was 4yrs 1st December. I worked 2 years in outsourcing, 6 months freelance at home and it’s been over 1 year I half opened the Factory, a workspace exposure,

- Do you work exclusively on the canvas or not?

Part of my work is naturally bound to the Web: website creation, development on social networks, search engine but my I’m lucky to be in direct contact with my clients, which is very important for me to understand their problematic.

- Is this your primary business activity?

I work all year but I’m even subjected to a slight seasonality due to my location: on the coast (South Brittany, Vannes — Quiberon).

- Are you able to make a living?

. it starts it takes time that everything is put in place, word of mouth is a good engine locally and you constantly find ideas, tips to make themselves known, to show what we can do

- What are your activities to the daily (day type)?

Arrived at the office around 8am, switching the computer, small coffee with my pole acolytes of creation (we are 3 companies in the same building), launch Deezer, check mails and go ,,,

it is difficult to establish a «day type ‘but is distributed mostly between pure crea, customer contacts, emergency last minute, administrative (invoicing counted) and welcome people who spend (the advantage or disadvantage of having a local open to the outside). The day ends in general between 19 20h . wagon off course!

- What is your background?

I come originally from a scientific background technique. After a tank S (Science option of Ingenieur), I am in the IUT of Nantes, in the Department Sciences Genie of the Materials or we learn to conceive technical way, structural studies of everyday objects, transportation, boat including composites. Then I was between the School of Architecture (always Nantes) for a year of specialization in Naval Architecture. I finished my studies in June 2006 and «up» Fortune Carree D’sign in November 2006 following a proposal of work subcontracted to 2 companies:

- a shipyard for the development of its new yacht marina

- a company specialized in composite materials for the development of design, prototyping production laboratories machines.

After 2 years of experience, during which I developed my learning graphic design, web design, packaging I chose to take the plunge and become independent.

- Is it difficult to mount his agency? Do you have any advice to give people DESIRING to imitate you?

I worked freelance for 6 months at home and I have to admit, it’s not too much for me. The dissociation between work and personal life (even if in the field of creation, we are never really off) is too difficult to tame for me. Therefore, I did not hesitate when I had the opportunity to have my own room.

- Possible to have a photo with you? (Office )

The «Factory» is about 20m? and has a large bay window that gives live on the outside. The integral room is part of a building that is a «pole establishment». Indeed, we are 3 companies in the same place: a furniture creator Layouts of customized, myself and a shipyard.

I tried to design an original space, friendly, flexible and pleasant to live every day, and it corresponds fully to my expectations.

My job: Fortune Carree, creation & Communication Agency

My job: Fortune Carree, creation & Communication Agency

I love this workspace, arrangement for congratulations

- What are your working practices of creation (drawing, sketch, inspiration)

I must admit that I approach each project different way, sometimes drawing directly on the computer, a photo, sometimes the vision of a single object can trigger the ideas

Final packaging box of chocolates

Final packaging box of chocolates «L # 39; 8tre»

My job: Fortune Carree, creation & Communication Agency

Search for chocolate packaging project «L # 39; 8tre»

- I see that your agency offers various services (WebDesign, photo, deco adhesive), in what area you’re most comfortable?

The over lese, I do not know, but as complementary: packaging, without hesitation.

The packaging has the advantage of collecting a design, manufacturing process, a graphic. Each of these items participated in ergonomics a product development and it is a really interesting area.

- How do you choose the projects for which you deal personally? Always work in a team?

Working alone, I take care of everything but I appeal has exterieures skills for complex web development or video.

- How would you define your «style»?

It is for you to tell me! Difficult to define, I’m just trying to apply some principles. I am a follower of «a little drawing is worth a thousand words,» I try to create projects has strong identity, creating around a brand or company specific universe. The aim being to constantly renew itself, never remain on its laurels, look for the little «trick» apart for each project.

Packaging pop-up invitation to VIP soiree - Company D'aucy

Packaging pop-up invitation to VIP soiree — Company D # 39; aucy

Packaging pop-up invitation to VIP soiree - Company D'aucy

Packaging pop-up invitation to VIP soiree — Company D # 39; aucy

- Or do you get your inspirations?

I must admit that the Internet helps me to travel. I travel very little, unfortunately (but I’m working!), But I take time for myself, I practice sports (surfing and Running) which helps me truly make a small break, which are me indispensable.

What is your goal (even utopian)? Do you have a course of action, thoughts of your work?

My goal is simple, do my job, to ensure that my customers are satisfied and that the project corresponds to expectations user expectations! For the rest, I try to educate the best, especially for print, the impact we may have to limit printing, working with solvent-free inks Not to mention, this trade is a «business-passion» so you have to try to get maximum pleasure in work,

- Do you work in collaboration with other businesses? Artisans? Which ..

I develop, in collaboration with the shipyard ( a small sailboat 5m, called Z-One and we put a water recently a skiff prototype (Z-Max). For printing, I privileged to maximize the locally realized work. I also work with a web developer a videographer.

- What are the major innovations to come trends of tomorrow?

For me, the key issue is the portability of the web. The popularization of smartphones changes the behavior of users: have everything in one medium, transportable increasingly small! This is why social networks have this success.

The user logins no longer has to make the effort to go and get the info it receives it directly! The challenge is to adapt communication almost in real time based on feedback from utlisateurs.

Goofy or Regular? Interpretation free to'un produit correspondant au style Quicksilver, issu de la culture Glisse.

Goofy or Regular? Free Interpretation # 39; s product corresponding to Quicksilver style from culture Glide.

- What do you think of your confreres?

I think there is room for all, as we do the serious work. Sometimes I deplore abusive behavior both in realization that tariff in the middle of the web.

- What are your current projects?

Right now, I just got out of the furnace:

- + Packaging design identity of a particular model for a chocolate

- design of a stand of a trademark for the 2 biggest shows in the middle of boating

- various communication tools for SMEs

- All the thematic working for a VIP evening (large account)

- the next?

- Communication tools to more SMEs

- Pedagogical booklet for a brand in the food

- Architectural study for a floating room (architecture / used)

- several websites being prepared ,,,

Project card 562

Project card 562

- That you would like realize?

No specific project, but every day (thanks to the web) I discover the interesting projects.

- One of your dreams?

There are several work with certain brands interesserai me

- Are you handy? (and yes I love this kind staggered to the subject matter)

Uh yes but not gifted with a jigsaw (I have tried everything but I can not seem to cut right!). What I like most is to succeed was to design something «that holds up» with 3 pieces of string, 2 euros of elbow grease . As a (very) small agency, or the means are limited, he always find tricks to be and / or for clients and I love especially for packaging. Paper, scissors is go!

- What are your essential qualities to perform your job?

The first thing that comes to mind is the listening. Each client comes to you with its history, its sensitivity, desires but it is especially problematic with «I prepared a reception with the leaders, I would have inviation that inspires them,» «I am a painter, I ride my paint shop, I do not know where to start» This is where the transposition with naval architecture is the strongest for me: Establish specifications, leave the development axes and especially make its own «vision» of the project.

- Or do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

Who lives will see!

- Is it possible to finish to have a little drawing special Blog Esprit Design by Design Fortune?

I was never very good shape, but here anyway

BEDesign Fortune Carree

BEDesign Fortune Carree

- Why accept to answer questions on BEDesign?

Because I find the principle of giving the floor in this way is really nice and it changes what we can see BTW!

- What are the things (concepts, demarches) to encourage or create the net to put forward the design trades and your creations?

Well, I’d like to put forward a really interesting initiative: the portal design in Britain. This association aims to disseminate and promote the design, visual arts and art trades in Brittany:

It is currently working Expo Design Breizh, until January 29, 2011, including one of my packaging belongs.

Office website: Fortune Carree

additional information:

Creation Agency

Lann Kermarquer
56950 Crac’h

Mathieu Lodin
06 82 66 67 05

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