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My job: Designer globetrotter by Emilie Voirin

Just a meeting ofEmilie Voirin, young French designer from London to Metz, loving stories and travel, it gives a special meaning to his achievements.

Bun Box by Emilie Voirin

Bun Box by Emilie Voirin

- Can you explain your background, training in a few words?

I integrated the Superior National School of Arts Decoratifs in Paris, and I specialized in the design of objects, after spending three years of studies at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Arts de Nancy, I have been invitee to study at the School of HFG Karlsruhe, Germany.

During these years I have developed a multidisciplinary approach. Then I arrived in London for an internship at Tom Dixon.

My job: Designer globetrotter by Emilie Voirin

- You work in a studio, agency?

In London I work in a shop that I share with another designer products; I have a schedule in France, Metz when I have projects with local artisans.

- I see you have worked in many countries, this is it more?

Traveling opens his eyes and pupil mind.

- Can you define your work in one word? An object?


Almost Usual Objects Hair by Emilie Voirin

Almost Usual Objects Hair by Emilie Voirin

Hand-blown glass by Emilie Voirin

Hand-blown glass by Emilie Voirin

- What are the designers that inspire you or that you enjoy particularly?

Although my own work is narrative, I have a preference for the more industrial design. I can not find my inspiration from the work of others but I appreciated. I’m curious novelties of Nendo and Konstantin Grcic.
I never tire of Jean Prouvé, Charles and Ray Eames.

- What was your first establishment?

I was making thyme bags «fragrant» I’d sell my parents, I was writing poems on paper tablecloths in the restaurant.

- Among your creations which one do you like most? Most Fiere?

I try not to have too many feelings vis a vis my creations although they are often the result of my own states of mind. I am very critical.

- Some of your rooms are quite technical, what parts were the most difficult to realize?

The most difficult parts are the ones to realize that I could not do myself. Then it is to leave the work between the skilled hands of a craftsman. This is the case for rattan, blown glass …

Sale Lamp by Emilie Voirin

Wind Lamp by Emilie Voirin

Sale Lamp by Emilie Voirin

Wind Lamp by Emilie Voirin

- What are your influences?

My taste of the object probably comes from my father who is an antiques buff. We are a family of preservatives objects, we accumulate lots of stuff. I am observant and sensitive to the world around me; I draw daily reflections that are often my influences.

- In you is how? Your work environment?

In London I live in a house that was formerly a furniture manufacturers shed. I am a gleaner and I tend to give importance to any small object, so I amassed a lot.

Emilie Voirin his workshop

Emilie Voirin workshops

Emilie Voirin his workshop

Emilie Voirin workshops

- For you, the most important is a creation? The Practicality? The Poetry? Usability? The creation process simplifies The humor?

In matters of industrial product design usability is paramount DECORATED a simple but seductive aesthetic. However there are design objects bearing messages that are both common and spiritual. This is another level of objects consisting of cognitive values.

- An advice to give to people DESIRING to engage and become a designer?

Many independent designers do not live from their work, they have complementary resources (extra job, freelance, teaching). It is important to know that we must be tough and persevering and that nothing is ever granted.

-  What is a typical day for Emilie Voirin?

I check my mail boxes and online newspaper design. I establish a program. I bring small items to stock a shop.

J »m writing, drawing, layout.

The workday extends between 9am and 22h, flexible way, with moments dilettante such as sports session — essential for mental and endurance. If I work with someone (partner intern) Schedules are a bit stricter.

- What do you think of the excitement around the deco, design in recent years on television and on the internet?

There is a popular phenomenon that is both informative and stardom, as many of Broadcast information on a large scale and a wider audience.

Independent Arm by Emilie Voirin

Independent Arm by Emilie Voirin

- How do you choose your projects? Team travails thou? Solo? In felling?

I work alone but I’m for collaborations. I develop my website with my friend German designer Nicolaz Groll.
I worked with a friend for madeinchina project, we also had a Chinese collaborator on site in Beijing.
New associations could develop between Paris and London and can be between London and Boston.
I also participated in the round tables in Paris research on societal evolution, behavioral, innovative and consumption.

- What is your working method?

The starting point of any project is a reflection followed by writings. Then I draw of hands, I learn about the material addresses before to define the forms, which will sometimes change due to technical constraints.

His sketches, Emilie Voirin

His sketches, Emilie Voirin

- Or landing nets you get your inspiration? Experience, Book, Travel

My inspirations are rooted in my memory, my observations, my reflections, my experiences, my meetings, my confrontations, my reading, my travels …

Emmanuelle Thomas Lagache and Emilie Voirin

Emmanuelle is Shy Thomas Lagache and Emilie Voirin

Madeinchina by Emilie Voirin, Daniel Groll Schludi and Nicolaz

Madeinchina: a project realized with Jerome Nelet, credits photos:
Marianne Maric, Thomas Lagache, Daniel and Schludi
Nicolaz Groll.

- You regularly consulted books, websites, blogs devoted to the design? If so which ones?

I travel often newspapers online design and art, a few blogs. I bought a lot of books and magazines I flip to random manner. I also read essays on contemporary art. I just put myself listening to the podcast literature and humanities, it’s a bit my recreation.

- Is it easy being a woman » designer «?

I think the answer lies in the question, otherwise the question would not have reason to be posed

- Have you a definition of » design «?

Formatting a solution, a reflection, a concept, a cultural and social context (and economical when it comes to mass production).

- What are your passions, hobbies, apart from the design? A designer he has a life outside of design …

Designers are very obsessed with their work but I think they are all moments of respite. About me, I do yoga, dance, I gleans things, I searched the streets, I walk the stairs, looking for a good excuse to buy a plane ticket.

jewel for concert by Emilie Voirin

jewel for concert by Emilie Voirin

- Or do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

Given that I demenage every year I struggle to imagine life in 5 years. I would like to continue working in the crossroads of Design, Art, of writing, of space (installations, stage …), Open exploration fields.

- What do you think of your confreres?

I have a different opinion on each person, designer or not. I can not talk about comprehensive way to « the community of designers«.

- What are your outstanding projects?

New models of rattan chairs intended to be sold to museums. Various projects in China do not a duo exhibition in a gallery in Hong Kong in May 2011.
A workshop at Mudam Luxembourg for 5 years.
The writing …

- The next?

New items for exhibitions and more prospective projects.

- That you would like realize?

I want to work on a larger scale, whether in industrial series (greater production) In space (scenography, showcases) Or art installation (larger).

- Why accept to answer my questions?

Because you came to greet me before my performance at the Design Biennale in Saint Etienne, because I find your relevant questions, because it is important to expose his work when you are a young designer.

Thank you Emilie take the time to answer my questions, for your kindness and availability at the Biennial of Saint Etienne 2010 Design.

His site: Emilie Voirin

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