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Lightness in Lines collection by WM Studio

Lightness in Lines collection by WM Studio

The Studio WM recurrence, consists of Wendy Legro and Maarten Collignon, they come back after a presentation of the previous Barbapoef we present to the collection Lightness in Lines, fixtures, table, chair .

A real world, almost a territory to name person, the design duo determine the shape of a style while lightness or each object seems to answer to another without imitating the same code.

Lightness in Lines collection by WM Studio
Lightness in Lines collection by WM Studio
Lightness in Lines collection by WM Studio
Lightness in Lines collection by WM Studio
Lightness in Lines collection by WM Studio
Lightness in Lines collection by WM Studio
Lightness in Lines collection by WM Studio
Lightness in Lines collection by WM Studio
Lightness in Lines collection by WM Studio

Lightness, clean lines, colors degraded, yellow and gray association, this collection is perfect register in (the) trend of the moment And suspensions Lamp gradient and chairs Easy — Dinning are positioning themselves to become true bestsellers.

The suspension can then be adjusted in height thanks to the weight installed on the electric cable sheath colors or color is perfectly extend to degrade the glass. Armchairs them, modernizing of past inspirations initiated by some big names (Eames) Playing with padding, the metal rod

We could not stay there, traverse all the creations of a studio monitor !!

Deco design collection by WM Studio
Deco design collection by WM Studio
Deco design collection by WM Studio
Deco design collection by WM Studio
Deco design collection by WM Studio
Designers WM Studio

More information about the studio: Studio WM


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    Clayton Joiner 

    MILAN 2013. Veterans Eindhoven, they expose town in the hotspot of design management has hollandaise sauce and yet it looks like Finnish design scadinavo Italian.



    «A real universe, almost territory to mention person»
    Close up proces colors porcelain Lin Morris.



    Beautiful top view image of the cushion but can be Italian cousins ​​germain, Saint Germain des Prés.


    Evita Hobson 

    Design Recipe «Today contemporary» face vintage recolorise as in cinema: the known the known + + = the known deja vu.
    wm chair design has front side.


    Latosha Roylance 

    INSIDE 2012
    Deja-Vu by the Divisional Commissioner exhibition? Chris Meplon inside the salon Belgium (Kortrijk)


    Steph Balchin 

    QUESTION: Can we make a territory of only the designer with deja vu?


    Forest Gougerty 

    Deja vu: an exhibition by the independent journalist, critic, teacher, curator, curator (dual mandate) Chris Meplon.
    Google Traduc slightly reworked.
    «Design is usually associated to creativity and innovation. If an object is not innovative, in theory, it is not design. How is it then that light first design objects, we often ask, «Hey, is it new, I have not seen it before? «In 2007, the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa designed an aluminum chair for Magis Italian society. It has been called Deja-Vu. In everyday language, we use the term loosely things we have already seen. But the more scientifically accepted explanation is that the feeling of deja vu is caused by an erroneous perception. Is it true that more and more design objects look more and more alike, or is this just another example of the wrong perception? Objects that could easily trigger independently an impression of deliberately juxtaposed are already seen at the show. Their physical proximity allows us to put a vague impression to the test. Do bring a paradigm shift? Is it cause fundamental changes in our attitudes toward concepts such as originality and innovation? This exhibition wants to open the debate. »


    Gustav Corder 

    Visitor virtual mystery (and real qqfopis) j’adooore open studio doors.
    (Besides, I am invited by Patrick Jouin)
    Small error of course I put in my google gps mw and I went into a visual communication and graphic design studio founded by graphic Moinon duo Jeanne and Pierre-Olivier Thiriet Paris.
    The mw studio specializing in print design (creation of visual identity, editorial design, stationery, posters, packaging, illustration, typography) and offers original and contemporary visual solutions, adapted to the target audience of each project.
    So here Wendy Legro and Maarten Collignon, in their studio in Rotterdam.



    MILAN 2013 Lambrate.
    Their presentation in Milan seen by Lin Morris.


    Keith Staunton 

    I do not know what that thinks MW studio in Paris, maid graphically consistency since the Dutch week.


    Aracelis Gullick 

    Small Diamond revisits look for the two models of chairs…


    Gustavo Ayres 

    — Blog Esprit Design.
    I would not put Bertoia but Eames, designer referent studio wm.
    The quarry Bertoia who works for Eames is more sculptural.
    His vision ainspire WM: «If you look at these chairs, they are mainly made of air, like sculpture. Space passes through. »



    not wrong…



    AC is a little mixed in there right?


    Stefan Holman 



    Raylan Wayt 

    Well actually you speak collection and as I see three types of suspension it makes me telling me they will not be managed to choose whether I do not see the connection between all.
    Or between wire chairs (very nice by the way) and bedside?


    Allen Loveridge 

    ummm… I know, there is a version, available in different materials…


    Lisa Huben 

    Design marketerie reading grid.
    In fact they put in autodesk 3d max such that chair Eames.
    Their biz Model hoolandais but not Danish. It is the couple Danish Italian glamor Gam Fratesi.
    They are added a layer of pastel cosmetics, degrade, trend poetico sophistico Femino Guisset would like to daub a territory between Crasset and Sempe. The problem: the WM branding.


    Allan Durley 

    Presentation of 2 seats at the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven in 2011


    Golden Gault 

    The weight of trends suspend your flight.
    He could have laitonner: lol: .because the purpose of the design of the effect is the amazement and seduction style editors (very feminine profession) between 2 advertising pages cosmetics.


    Sidney Trueman 

    I am more design Z Innovative.


    Berniece Moppett 

    and I do not confuse the designer and stylist, visual artist and plasturgiste the tendanceur and my sister who is editor of lifestyle fashion style, shopping, Artistic Director and lizard, journalist and illuminating the dark pisse- copy the expo commissioner and the commissioner expo with preservatives and dyes.


    Rolf Hewson 

    Legend of the photo dessud.
    FLORAL The makeup artist Mao Geping has presented its new collection of cosmetics MGPIN during Fashion Week in Beijing. Fees, archangels and other original creations dressed in dark creatures have enchants the podium.


    4 cats & a baby 

    Design becomes the cosmetics, the dressing a working colorist formalisateur of the trend of the moment Mustard up my panty.
    Eames had the patents of the Bertoia chair. Zieta has patents.



    MILAN 2013 PARIS 2013
    The Chinese, the french restaurants, the Indonesian, the Swedish, the Americans eat come from 30% of sales of the Italian furniture industry in 4 years, Eindhoven chose the big biz against the arty neoelitisme Philips Eindhoven (I just ‘Brico see a walk with a pink chair Fermob) .The studio wm navigates saw pumping right to left, as he re-creator of all known with the known The design is to make the unknown known with.


    Blaine Rickson 

    Roset mustard.
    I wish I had the opinion (life, I do not know) Thibault-Desombre.



    A furniture designer he must be a decorator?
    I find that this chair would go perfectly with its home office desk in any case better than the latter Seattle.



    I do not want to be a prisoner of my design reading grid.



    MILAN Lambrate 2012


    Jaunita Tibbetts 

    There is indeed a beautiful chords set up between the creations presented on the blog…


    Torrie Mcglone 

    Back to the Future: bed design in pink life by Elizabeth Leriche (House objects and 2012) expo Minimum (visual impact with minimum design)


    Arjun Flower 

    MILAN MILAN 2012 2013
    They are very inspired installation COLOUR ONE for MINI-Scholten and Baijings and more general way of this studio which I memorized the name wrong.
    So the cocktail is eames + + gam Fratesi Scholten and Baijings.


    Kris Wakefield 

    I return in Bed Scholten Baijings.



    . with a hot water bottle WM studio.


    Steph Balchin 

    Save that also do pure design dutch juice barbapoef.


    Joshua Vane 

    Barbapoef is also on the blog…


    Jo Brannan 

    In their new collection, they say work on the contrast. This becomes clear when we compare two opposites: dark / light lightweight / heavy.
    -The Mesh backrest and the wafer is placed on the seat t there a note?
    -the Diffuser and the «balance» of the lamp is a t it finds outside inspiration?
    All this is very cute (cute English), coach.
    VIDEO -House and object-return-to-minimum-with-elizabeth-leriche.


    Deon Haggett 

    Desabillons the design and experts.
    When I read the various patent experts I am terrified by their approximation. How Wendy Legro and Maarten Collignon Studio WM could take as referent Bikini.
    That Bikini demonte Vitra.



    Desabillons the design and experts in design.
    A patent expert does not work on the image on the fifty trend.
    (50). AC is for Paris Match and Playboy.
    A patent expert (and a fortiori a designer who has to be better than the french sorbonnisants experts I remind forms are a history of art) works on patents (patents) Charles Eames.



    One may wonder why he has not seen life in pink for her chair as Czech designer Jan Plecháč who also works on the design of icons.
    Shape AAAD (The Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague) Selects for the Salone Sattellite 2011 he got noticed by gallieristes and major publishers, including Cappellini with his diploma project.
    PS Plecháč was at Milan in January 2013
    Spazio Rossana Orlandi.


    Niall Maccartney 

    All of this research is not done on PINKterest but outgoing design BED.


    Lakendra Hibbs 

    This demonstrates that ex Normal Studio Ensci who hates the «dutcheries» today the same thing that these two former DAE Eindhoven in time DA and designer.


    Wallis Kimm 

    This demonstrates that most designers-authors of the design sector knows that the public have become interpreters designers, fashion designers not to say milliners, samplers (of samplers) and billposters copiers, storytellers if not the bonnimmenteurs.
    You can cry tears flower. pink.
    PS feathers Fabio Novemble, Dino Cicchetti and Giulio Vescovi’s very well expressed on his blog (google translators but it is understood through the lines) «With this new blog layout, focusing on the ?? ‘images immediacy my goal is to convey the relationship between me and us, between things and their reference universe. People and things are born of other people and other choses. En seeking often non-planned and unreported connections — helps to pave the way for an approach of inclusive and transversal knowledge. The story does not take place in separated compartments, but is both cause and effect.
    INTERPRETATIVE new horizons are played in the comparison without references. »



    I hope to have been clear.



    WM is more or less More or less an Eames.
    WM studio deconstructs several projects Eames. He has extracted the vocabulary and formal grammar.
    Either alone blogosphere Michala Monroe (between parenthesis that bears its name) has drilled part of the mystery of this buildup in my room from the individual parts of Charles Eames place in a 3D software.



    Small recreation: Eames-Bertoia Pillet via WM.
    In fact, the Eames chairs and Bertoia wire mesh (the creations of designers entremement 2 so they were in court) have a record and a one-piece seat and chairs and chair plywood separate folder Seat .
    Plastic mesh Christophe Pillet.


    Marcel Grayson 

    Decliner WM Bertoia with big feet.



    pastel pink will probably spend .



    How Marc Thorpe who made he a lot of press sold sofa? In which country,
    Karim Rashid The studio t he plunges into the red?


    Ren Chesterfield 

    MILAN 2013 This year again Moroso was in degraded red…? by Aissliger.


    Roscoe Laster 

    MILAN 2013 Nendo degrade in blue.


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