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Too often the choice of lighting comes in last position in the automation space and too often the everlasting light bulb still has troner sadly in our parts.

Lack of inspiration the fixture of choice is relegated to the background while yet there is a multitude of items in this area.

First of all it is important to determine the function of the light point.

Do I need direct lighting? .. For precise tasks such as in an office or in a kitchen or frank light one needs as above a work plan, I need to enlighten a well-precise object such as a table … .Or do I want a more cozy atmosphere with indirect light sources? … indeed it is possible to create different atmospheres in the same space by multiplying the sources of possible lumieres.ceci with wall installation, lamps pose, light tables

Then, what place do I equip? the choice will be different depending on whether it is an adult bedroom, children or very early in the creation salon.Car lamps which are electric or not the subject became a decorative element.

Today, there are all shapes, all sizes in various materials such as paper, wood, ceramic, metal or glass.

The website is one of those online sites which offers a wide range of products with the added peculiarity to rank very precisely by types of lighting, per piece destinations or designers / brands.

Since 2009, the creator of strives to offer the latest trends in order to respond better to the needs of its clientele and telephone service also allows you to be technically advises.

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