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Light Cube for your living room

For several days I troll the Internet to find a light cube to decorate my living room and enjoy a light atmosphere and sifted when I look at television.
You can find everything on the Internet, I do not spend a fortune in a light cube, I want to stay reasonable in my purchase.
I fell on the site (I wish to clarify that this article is not an article sponsors, my goal is to share my findings and my tastes have my readers) that offers bright cubes of different color has a affordable price.

The Shining LED cube measuring 40 x 40 x 41 cm, it can be used both in exterior in the interior of your home, plus you can use it as a stool.
The cube has a range of 16 colors with different delivery method, it is plastic, and comes with a remote control allowing you to choose the desired mode.

Remote-vase fathead cube-light-led-LiveDeco-HD1

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    Sam Maddocks 

    Thank you for the find, I’ll order for testing.


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