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Light Bench by Frellstedt

The German company Frellstedt We present a re-interpretation of the traditional bench, mainly in wood, it offers here the possibility of light to enhance your garden or terrace.

Available in white, yellow, green, pink, it will delight individuals or professionals.

Brand website: Frellstedt

by Esprit Design

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    Mariett Trapp 

    As nice idea! Especially at night walk.
    This blog is really interesting, bravo!


    Nicolas Harper 

    Thank you to you for all your comments.



    There was an error on the bench. You write that it can eliminate. I said, «like an ecologist bench that disappears when we most need.» Well, no, it lights up. Very pretty. How much does it cost?


    Lawrence Durling 

    Oh little shell, we will fix it as soon as possible.
    A new concept interesting that sofa that will disappear once its use ended.
    We do not have the price of this article.


    Merrilee Flye 

    Interactive light Bench by Mapt:


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