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Leni: Spirit Lounge

Leni: Spirit Lounge

Imagine the German creation studio Buro Fur Form, leni, small module allows you to curl up in front of the TV, read a book or just enjoy the scenery . Riding the wave of long wicks carpets or upholstered extremely comfortable, then it is entirely possible to enjoy its interior layer earth.

Leni: Spirit Lounge

Simple, ergonomic, lege, the resolutely modern colors, we agree!
Article available for purchase at:

Price: 125 €

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Comments: 2

    Dante Tyrell 

    The tests have you in comfort. I love its ergonomic design and has both very nice… but what he use?


    Tony Fetherston 

    Unfortunately, we did not test the product and can not guarantee comfort. However, after designers and retailers it is very comfortable.
    Best Regards!
    Spirit-Design Team.


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