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Led by Davide Groppi is more

Davide Groppi, Italian designer, seems to embody a certain minimalism pushed to the extreme, finesse, delicacy, purity, see class Italian can characterize his employment creation fixtures.

Led is more, is the name of one of his lamps, but seems perfectly appropriate to define the set of his work.

Davide Groppi, such a studio collaborates with many designers to broaden the spectrum of its achievements, always for the sake of concealment, as Nulla, a diameter of 8mm light, an invisible hole in a wall that can deliver intense light and target for the development of an object.

The luminaire has strictly speaking disappears to leave room has its function, light-up, a one-time development of an environment or object.

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    Jaxson Erwine 

    Miss Led: I knew the square tube suspended by a German designer round tube, by an Italian designer, with a Starckian name is better?


    Leilah Siane 

    And even in circles round tube.


    Renda Alday 

    The lamp on Sampei foot fiberglass is geniale since it mimics bamboo .It is a contextual design: in the first picture the bowl is associated has a light wand.



    It was designed with enzo calabrese studio and nomine for the Compasso d’Oro 2012, demintre Z ADI word is gospel and has a compass in the eye.


    o mommie 

    Vincent, several lamps presented here are not dessinees Davide Groppi, but not EDITED him. Including Miss Led lamp Omar Carraglia.



    In effect Babin why I added.
    «Davide Groppi, such a studio collaborates with many designers to broaden the spectrum of its achievements,»


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