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Laundry: 8 tips to save your clothes preferes

Although detergents and modern washing machine has come after most stains, some inconvenience as rebels traces of perspiration halos and missing buttons, enough to ruin our favorite clothes. With Journal, we go to war against these enemies of dressing with ever economic and ecological tips. Simple steps to help you keep your tissues as new and not encrusted stains wanting the oter.

Laundry: 8 tips to save your clothes preferes

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1. Bloodstains
On a white and somewhat fragile tissue, you can rub the stain with a cotton swab or a soft brush with a little bleach. moistened soda crystals are also devilishly effective.
If your clothing is fragile or prints, you can try to come to the end of the stain by dabbing in linen impregnated with essence of turpentine.

Laundry: 8 tips to save your clothes preferes

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2. sweating halos
The yellowish marks from sweat on clothing are downright unsightly. The best is to rub the stain immediately with warm water.
If it is already old, dab it with oxygenated water or alcohol at 70 °, let dry and then wash the garment normally. If the garment is too fragile to alcohol, you can wipe with paper towels moistened with lemon juice or white vinegar.

Laundry: 8 tips to save your clothes preferes

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3. The buttons disappear
Nothing is more unpleasant than to see that we have lost a button, especially since it is almost impossible to find the same. We advise you to ensure the soundness of the buttons before the first wash. Sew in the machine chain, we notice that the buttons of our clothes often do by a thread. Feel free to consolidate the seams. If they are fragile despite everything, cover buttons before washing a button covers, which are found in haberdashery.

Laundry: 8 tips to save your clothes preferes

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4. The circles around the collar
This track is called in the middle of the bleachers «the big black» aptly named because it is the bete noire of all elegants. If this happens to you, and that your clothing is linen or cotton dab gently with a bit of a nail remover before washing. If it is a delicate fabric, sprinkle a little talcum powder and brush after having let impregnate minutes.

Laundry: 8 tips to save your clothes preferes

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5. The narrowing
There is not much to do when the damage is done. However, here are some tips to avoid that your clothes do not shrink. It must first adhere strictly to the instructions of the label of clothes and do not exceed a certain temperature.

Tip: To prevent the narrowing, soak your cotton clothes twelve hours in cold water with salt.

Laundry: 8 tips to save your clothes preferes

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6. The wine or fruit stains
If you come spilling wine on your shirt, immediately rub the stain with soda water and soap. A more effective method than salt, which nevertheless has its followers. But it is true that sprinkling flour, talcum powder or other absorbent, the task will be easier to have.

The secret to clean an old wine brand? Soak the garment in warm milk and white vinegar to soak the stain.

Laundry: 8 tips to save your clothes preferes

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7. halos of fat
First, know that no one cleans greasy stain with water. The aureole would be even more deeply anchored. We must therefore remove the stain before washing the fabric machine. On cotton, you can rub with diluted ammonia. On the delicate machine, the land of Sommieres is very useful.

Laundry: 8 tips to save your clothes preferes

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8. The ink stains
Ink stains are haunting moms of all school children in the world because it is one of the most stubborn traces. On the synthetic fabric, dab with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol 90 °, changing the cotton whenever it is defiled. On natural fibers, you can perform the operation with ammonia.

What are your tricks to come to the end of the spots?

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