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Lamp T-Series by James Burgess Design

Lamp T-Series by James Burgess Design

Lamp T-Series by James Burgess Design

Category: deco

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    Floyd Hamlen 

    A new beautiful use of concrete applied… a piece of establishment and decoration.


    Blanca Cole 

    Stunning design of an English designer for a Danish editor uses the contrast.


    Joshua Vane 

    A new use of concrete? Concrete cylinder as the lamp base tableConstraste between matter and couleurslampe vaalea by benjamin-Fournier-



    I did not know Bolia, a new Scandinavian midrange editor in quality and originality produced between Bo Concept and Ikea nor James Burgess English settled in South Africa, new (BRIC countries emerge a strong growth). This is probably one of the reasons for the Designer It’s beautifully drawn but it is closer to a working designer who follow the decorative trends of the moment (lamp cage type, wired lamp diffuser = more decorative object shadows that lamp, concrete and golden brass materials) and basic artistic BASED contrast (contrast materials, contrast color full contrast, wired contrast right curve). It’s the same thing for his chair It is a work to the manner of the studio of Tom Dixon and many other Scandinavian designers designers.


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