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L01 L02 lamps and Florent Degourc

L01 L02 lamps and Florent Degourc

Florent Degourc, in good places used to present us his latest creations baptized L01 and L02, a lamp duo ask combining wood and metal.

It tells us a little more:

» Lighting compounds of aluminum foil and powder coated 2mm pliee on part solid beech combining the LED lighting device. The foot is a powder coated steel base 4mm in which is solid beech insert a link mat running.

From a narrative point of view, they evoke me the horizon formed by the limestone escarpments Solutre and Vergisson, providing contrast and dramatic landscape facing has many soils.»

L01 L02 lamps and Florent Degourc

Florent, french designer of the region (Rhone-Alpes) Makes it a point of honor to work with local companies to manufacture their creations.

»  Manufacturing has appealed to a regional company in terms of the etched parts and bending of metal. As for the wood, it is working at the workshop by me.»

Finally, he asks the Spirit Blog Design and its readers in order to evolve the name of his two creations.

» As very often I find myself in front of a sidereal vacuum in terms of naming projects. I just happen to L01 L02 but I am open to any proposal that would be more creative.»

So I look forward to your suggestions!

L01 L02 lamps and Florent Degourc
L01 L02 lamps and Florent Degourc
L01 L02 lamps and Florent Degourc

This project is a free edition and asks that has to be adopted. (Adopts a draft! Adopt a Designer!)

Update 17-01-2014

Lamp ask Solutre — edition Ligne Roset (€ 359)

Project newly edited, renamed and exhibits at MO January 2014

Lamp ask Solutre - edition Ligne Roset

More information about the designer Florent Degourc

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Comments: 11


    Here Florent thinks he’s Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris .blanc rest whether it is a referent Every object has an architecture.



    it is very (too ??) near the new Woody Good By Edison lamp.



    In fact Woody is the name of the new collection.
    above the W01 lamp !! and here the lamp and W03 W02


    Melva Rathbone 

    Vincent forgets to put this image to good understanding of things.


    Thor Meah 

    FX saw my project at the Grand Prix of the Creation of the City of Paris and has not been aback but rather interested.
    But in fact I see in the leg Woody January 1 relationship.


    Lewie Mckay 

    I was going to ask you if this had been done to try to integrate the collection GBE is very well imagine your lamps extending the range.


    Loralee Cooke 

    I have quickly speak with FX. I for some reason it is no longer possible. I admit not having understood the discussion thread.
    There are other editors, rest hang.


    Athena Hankes 

    this is what we can wish you for 2013


    Temika Abbett 

    I must try to make the connection with publishers on the blog, finally, if they are sensitive to my gait and open to the web.


    Myrle Leaper 

    Nothing is born from nothing.
    8:00 this morning, I have to think about this Woody Table Lamp FX Ballery for his company to Good Edition By Edison who gets the lamp table typology. Obviously there is a great similarity to the feet of Florent lamps but we can also think of the Bouroullec Plani lamp for Flos.


    Daxter Hum 

    The Mexican designer based for a time in Spain to Christian Vivanco months 2 products partially close one for the foot and the other for the diffuser design. These two lamps are published in Spain (Luz and Almeric)


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