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Kenneth Cobonpue

Philippine furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue is an extraordinary blend of exoticism and modernity, always a warm minimalism.

Making use of these Filipino roots it gives a touch of class and refined at each of its achievements, and various natural materials are used to craft ways. We offer a selection of his best achievements:

Chiquita Stool (€ 671)

Magnificent sitting, intriguing and incredibly comfortable. Is a collection of small rattan logs deposited on a bed of moss, they will marry has the exact specifications of the person sitting.

Yoda chair (Inhouse model: € 828, outside of model: € 1,173)

This chair is a multitude of polyethylene rods presented and worked as the rattan. A metal structure determines the shape of the chair, each ends of the rod forming the flexible package that gives height and aestheticism to this realization.

Wave Table (€ 1,426)

Beautiful table that undulates, constituted blades tinted mahogany, this fabulous achievement giving an impression of movement, will reveal extremely strong

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by Spirit Design

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    I love the stools and table, as what design rhyme well with Nature!



    . with Culture There is nothing natural, even the materials are linked to culture.



    Kenneth Cobonpue present on BEDesign since 2008: see Article.


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