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ITamtam speaker station for iPod and iPhone

The brand Branex We present a very original concept by designer imagines Eric Berthes, meeting between the cult stool TamTam and brand Apple. This stool becomes a docking station iPod and Iphone and an acoustic enclosure. you will have to hope for the book in acquiring a copy.

Many paper ticket, sites feed the buzz about the future release of this hybrid object. For once bit original, Spirit Design Blog had ac heart of you present all the same and relay information.

Price: € 369

Article available for purchase on


Spirit Design

Category: high tech

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    Rameel Burlison 

    Excellent these speakers but they are big, they are also stool:: ^^


    Rose & Laaksh 

    Eric Berthes is an excellent french designer He left the stool Henry Massonnet edited by Branex to be a jousting audio foncttions. So it’s always a stool.
    Note that Branex is a French publisher has sold more stools all models from Starck Xo (his company of edition) and the Italian giant Kartell.

    PS: a note that Marcel Wanders mixes the iconic line of this stool Massonnet (which was not designer) with the visuals cubes optic Patrick Jouin, former Ensci ex Starck furniture right arm that did not have much success, to make product in the bling bling spirit that made flop;


    Tiffani Catlin 

    Elvis stool an interesting group of French designers who gets + or — the same line.


    Ladonna Hewlett 

    designer or design editor: Hard same job with a good product.


    Trudie Spicer 

    I have two black / white as a bedside table.


    Myrta Langmaid 

    (I had the chance to touch the output of factory Erm…)


    Allen Loveridge 

    All lemonde remembers the replica of the movie some hot love: «Nobody is perfect»
    We can also take Bubu Starck as a small side table or nuir (eg 3 Suisses which the mold was redeemed by XO, Starck ste). It is storekeeper (though not flat bottom bp), stackable (Stackable Starck is Mister), but relatively unstable as a stool.


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