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iPad 2: Innovation in his protection?

iPad 2: l'innovation dans sa protection ?

Apple announces the release of its new tablet generation: theiPad 2. Expected as the messiah, I would not speak of technological innovations (Dual cameras, battery optimization ..) But the general appearance.

Once again, Apple hits its target by providing a lighter object, more compact, more functional with a accessory for many of us, but me it’s the thing that heckled me: The new protection system.

Available in 10 colors, removable protective protege but can also serve as support for such watch movies more comfortably. A clever system of magnets to modulate the form of protection.

iPad 2: l'innovation dans sa protection ?
iPad 2: l'innovation dans sa protection ?
iPad 2: l'innovation dans sa protection ?
iPad 2: l'innovation dans sa protection ?

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    Lisandra Akingson 

    One question: is it compatible with the iPAD 1 ???


    Georgie Lier 

    Ah ah… good question, I do not know, because apparently the protection works like a laptop screen, if you kind of covers the iPad automatically goes into standby and vice versa…
    The retro-compatibility, not too much in Apple’s habits, but verify.


    Jasper Covington 

    In addition to the standby rating (which will probably not compatible) loving the rating and potential base, ca it should work right ???


    Hildred Madgewick 

    A mind to say yes… but will have to be tested or ask on forums connoisseurs!


    Shania Gulley 

    More motivated to take the version 1?
    // After the first returns of some innovations but nothing very dazzling.
    // A good plan finances level take the same view version 1 opportunity.


    Quintrell Gascon 

    Yes I want a wifi 32GB for 250 euros.



    smart covers will not be compatible with the first generation of iPads.
    iPad 2 and its protections were designed at the same time, with an integrated magnet system in the hull of the aircraft for the covers fit perfectly, and there is not in the first generation.
    shame as it really is a good principle.


    Ashely Holling 

    Thank you for these precisions, damages RE: Jo, you will have to content yourself with a traditional protection.



    Because we are in lemon press. I look for a good laptop as a free GPS.


    Alena Borron 

    has based the Spirit Blog Design also addressed about high tech / geek, least recently but I do not close the door has interesting subjects, or at least that interests me.



    With all this free bp (?) On TV, ds mages and net «A GfK survey also revealed that nearly 76% of French (based interviewed 1,000 Internet users) have already heard of the famous tablet Touch from Apple, just 48 hours after his presentation in San Francisco. »


    Alka Truelove 

    are strong at Apple.


    Laquita Olwell 

    The protection level smartcover’s great but the problem is that it is not compatible with the majority of the shells sold :( A quick cuter in a standard shell suits the problem but hey. It is not not always great.


    Jeffery Brought 

    : Thanks for the eye of the expert.


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