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Interview Boite Concept of sound has the French

LD 130, the laptop dock stereo «office format»

La Boite Concept, French family company of creation of laptop speakers and high fidelity Dock.

Proud to present their first concept in 2009, The First, doing homage to the old arcade, relapsed in 2010 with the Laptop Dock directs high fidelity, I wanted to know a little more about this french actor trying to get a place in a field dominated by international giants.

Timothee Cagniard, CEO and co-founder has agreed to answer my questions.

Timothee Cagniard

- Can you tell us briefly about your career?

I am an entrepreneur from an early age.

I created H2prod in 2003 (organization of electro evenings and HipHop) And co-founded in 2005 H2impression (printing and graphic creation in line).

Rocks in the world of HiFi (my grandmother and my father had founded and directs Siare, an important forum to mark 80 years) I manufactured my first pregnant at the age of 12 years and it was natural for my brother William and I enjoy this family backgrounds by creating La Boite Concept in 2008.

The Paris offices of La Boite Concept

- Can you define your company in a few words?

HiFi simplifiee X contemporary design

- What is the gait of the box concept?

Propose audio products that are considered a piece of design which are technically efficient at the same time. We develop innovative concepts around new media and do not want to compete directly with other brands HiFi.

- What are the objects you love the most?

Volkswagen Combi split, the Saab 900, pregnant grundig audiorama the seat of Facet brothers Bouroullec

- What designers that inspire you or that you appreciate particularly?

Raymond Loewy, Philippe Nigro, 5.5 designers and others

- The sound of our interiors is a fight between giants, there he has a place for a «small box» at the french?

YES HiFi has always been divided into two steps:

  • that of passionate manufacturers whose business is the limit of the consumer electronics and crafts
  • the American and Asian giants (Samsung, Sony, Bose …)

Many French brands of passionate as Focal, Cabasse, Davis acoustics, Atoll, Devialet who mold between 1 million and 30 millon CA can maintain at the international image of the HiFi High End has the French.

- What does your Laptop Dock?

This is a high-fidelity extra office. Its design is retro-futuristic.

We are lag the retro design of the old secretaries (underhand leather, wood, rounded, traditional lacquers) And new technologies.

LD 120

- What are the uses?

A secretary HiFi multimedia. The main use remains listening to music on computer (on and off line). Our customers also use the LD space as the place of multimedia convergence of the show (they surf, check their mails, launch youtube ).

- What is a typical week at Boite Concept?

We are currently 8, 4 average and 4 itinerants in Paris. Our Showroom is located in Paris in the 20th, we set y our products and creations (acoustic sculptures, Premiere project ).

Our lab is for its part has Ozoir La Ferriere in 77 or we develop our products from A to Z.

The most visited destinations in the framework of our activities are Bordeaux, Marseille, Lyon, London, Milan and Brussels.

For my part, I touch has all the functions of a traditional business. Even in a week I spend product development, to the management of the fob through HR and marketing but also management, negotiations in France and export.

co-founders in the site Ozoir La Ferriere: Dr. Yvon Maurel, Guillaume Cagniard, Timothee Cagniard Matthew Luong

- I just saw you working with artists, street singers. Can you tell me a little about the context of these partnerships?

No strategy is currently in place. Always follow from these collaborations beautiful games that are made naturally. They must be consistent overlooked our demarche, which is why much of our partners are artists and especially musicians.

- Which artist dreams you associate the box concept?

Yvon our technical director has taken a lot of fun working with the artist JR to realize an acoustic sculpture for the Perrotin gallery.

My brother William has meanwhile built him a beautiful project with Sebastien Tellier by creating an LD has his image.

We would therefore continue to work with artists equally talented and so different from each other.

- What is your working method?

We assume NEED user before working on the concept or design.

We are going to point of sale, with our friends and with our knowledge to observe the integration and use of new everyday objects (Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone ).

For LD, we questioned twenty HiFi sales points. We have seen that even if the computer is the main source of music at home, few sellers know refer their clients to a hi-fi equipment optimized for the computer.

Moreover, we note that the number 1 instead of the computer in the cockpit is the chair and the couch!

The idea comes naturally and then produces a concept derived. We then with all the team of writing specifications.

Finally the longest stage debute: the creation and development without compromise between the aesthetic constraints and those of the acoustic-electric. We branch lines together by sharing our progress (paper sketches, design Rhino, technical design on Solidworks, Speakers, filtering and electronics on Leap and Clio).

La Boite concept and our acoustic-electric laboratory exert a strong R & D activity. We are fortunate today to be a complete team and especially complementary doctor, engineers, designers, industrial and commercial.

LD120 laboratory La Boite concept Ozoir La Ferriere

Yvon Maurel devising the final filtering LD130

- In a world where everything becomes smaller, brings the box concept as Elements of differentiation compared to the competition?

To create a high-fidelity sound requires a large volume, our challenge is to develop HiFi products both compact and powerful.

We want to differentiate us from the beginning of the iPod dock in perishable plastic. We are working on the «Object», a «Subject» for me is sustainable over time. The leather of our LD will skate the lacquer will evolve but our products will always perform in 20 years. Our LD is new and different, but not ephemeral and not integrated technologies for short durations (Hard drive, Dock, WiFi integrated, Computer).

Our products are dynamically evolving.


- Can you please recommend a book, a website, a blog devoted to the design?

A book: Raymond Loewy (the father of industrial design): Ugliness sells male

A site

A blog: Blog Esprit Design of race and Fubiz that supports us since the beginning

A instagram: JR jr_artiste (some pictures of several days)

- Can you select an item coup heart on the blog?

The recovery DIVERTED it is design?

This is a very current topic. I think so because it is even more difficult from an existing object to create.

- Or do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

In the same post with a dozen new products. This hoping to relocate the company in the South West (this is my dream because I am passionate about surfing)!

- What are your next projects?

New LD

- The project you would like to realize?

An audio rack for the connected TV

- Why accept to answer my questions?

Because it allows me to take stock and to discover La Boite concept to your readers.

- Did you give us a name for the next interview?

The cabinetmaker designer Olivier Dolle has much talent and arrived at the Arts Viaduct last week.

- What’s your news?

The full range of LD is exposed at Silvera Wagram, you will find the LD100 and LD120 exposed to the Good walking for Christmas 2012 in the imaginary gallery and the LD130 in all finishes Conran shop.

Our next show: Maison et Objet January 2013

The LD130 is elected Diapason d’Or Hifi 2012 (prestigious reward in the HiFi) The cremonie Awards will take place early December.

Thank you Timothee and society La Boite Concept, for their kindness and availability, hoping review very quickly on the blog for their novelties.

Timothee Cagniard

Twitter: LaBoiteconcept


More information about the company: La Boite Concept

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    Maison Brailsford 

    The typical person (even enscien) already has trouble understanding the equation has an unknown (design) then an equation has two unknown «The X HiFi simplifiee contemporary design» .



    Presentation, design, imagination of their first establishment in the Premiere video.



    when one is facing the desk hp happens to you at the plexus, I think settling on a chair in front of the office, it’s not top.
    However farther away assi on canpé yes, it’s not a bad idea, neanmoin s of comprois were made on the altar of design, the bass is not completely stereo.
    if the one great advantage of HP plays a lower medium is that the concept is not enviable compromise, and that kind of compromise is pretty grim on the quality of the sound, given the layout of the one on the HP cut in the grave mandatory.
    the other problem is acute medium forward is to put a mandatory ment delays to align with the serious.
    and the unknown is the ebenisterie which must be as rigid as possible.
    one thing is the ipod and other dock, are good for the face trash has this concept that promises quality sound that has nothing.
    has developed a thing for all your new project integrate a progesseur / dsp in order to make equalization, relevant thing with that office, with software we install one makes equalization,
    lambda is in a room with little to correct the serious and it’s really good, if done by the dock is corrected for all the aplication of the computer, not seulemnt for the player who would have a tool to equalize.
    align the center of the emissive hp (her dowry be done factory)
    the convolution filter to correct the phase rotation, the opportunity to make active filtering.



    Thank you for the discovery of this brand and its products!


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