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Interview: Beauty Archi

Today is Geraldine Beauty Archi which lends itself to the game of the interview. Feel free to discover his blog which is full of culinary inspiration, fashion, deco, design

Can you tell us who you are and how you fallen into the world of deco?

My name is Geraldine and I want the blog beautyarchi for over a year and a half. I speak deco, architecture, design, fashion and cuisine. I like also to present some DIY when time permits.

The deco is a universe that always made me passionate. I remember being completely redone a stairwell with my parents when I was in high school with magazine visuals. A few months later, I enrolled in spatial design, I took correspondence courses before integrating national superior school of architecture. My interest is focused more on the scale of housing, living space, the building that I like to work on small areas. Once obtained my diploma, I specialized in design for architecture.

What are your inspirations (designers, blog, shops, magazines …)?

I am extremely attracted by Scandinavian design, the Nordic blogs, brand Ferm Living to name one. I have a special interest in contemporary furniture. I would like to spend time hunt in flea markets, but I have great difficulty appropriating objects that belonged to other people. I love resolutely novelty, technology, intelligent materials, if it were, the raw and minimal lines. You will never see antique furniture or tapestries home! I regularly read magazines Architectures, AMC or El Sketch. Northern coast blogs, I devoured daily A Merry Mishap or Ellens album. Regarding french blogs, I let you see my blogroll because the list is long!


Your shopping list deco?

The list is long, I moved recently, many things make me feel, I need appropriating places and to give character to this new housing.

I retain the suspensions The Six Week Boutique has assembly even for twenty euros, designated by Tamara Maynes, new Ikea storage boxes small price which I really like the graphics. Storage side, I can not missing out on Varpunen bags, perfect to hide the disorder of everyday life. At the same graphic spirit, I would take a cushion with Ferm Living to brighten a sofa.

For furniture, I like the sobriety of coffee tables Editorial, designated by Philippe Riehling, and fine Ondarreta chairs, white and wood. Approval lighting, I remember again the simple lines of the suspension Muuto Bo Concept and table lamps.

Finally, in terms of objects, I love Art

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    Very nice this interview and delighted to learn more about Geraldine.


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