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Intelligent radiator Sauter, you believe it?

Intelligent radiator Sauter, you believe it?

I especially love the creations comedy, when designers and creators are having ac ur joy But daily life does not allow for «forcing» to take advantage of his works.

Handicrafts, know-how, technicality, poetry, the adaptability, respect for the environment are also very important things.

The brand Skip innovates, without making waves of aestheticism, but rather in the efficiency by offering a new collection of Heating / radiator using steatite (very soft rock, mainly composed of talc), Giving an answer to YOUR problems Appointee Forlane

A real smart comfort in three points:

  • Eco Indicator indicates the level of consumption according to the required temperature
  • Eco Citizen allows adjustment of the equilibrium temperature for a mastery of energetics consumption
  • Eco Automatic Detection: to not unnecessarily hot with windows opening

Intellibox : Changeable programming presence of detection, absence, window opening, eco-indicator, eco-citizen.

All these functions cumulated achieve up 25% savings of energies.

Intelligent radiator Sauter, you believe it?
Intelligent radiator Sauter, you believe it?

Description of the famous rock Steatite:

» From a physical point of view, it presents the particular characteristics since has both resistant and soft, and therefore relatively processable using simple tools. Additionally, this rock has a high heat capacity.

It is used in water heaters and electric heaters as a barrier between the electrical resistance and the water hot. Resistance can thus be changed without draining the water and store heat intelligently. »

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    Bronte Aiton 

    Things are moving in the right direction…


    Dusty Hufton 

    Following our article asking the question directly: Intelligent radiator, you believe it?


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