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Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

The crates have apples, like wine crates or pallets, are materials of recovery long-known to those who love to give a second life to things without too spend. These utilities objects, honorable quality wood, are indeed an inexhaustible source of inspiration for lovers of raw creations and authentic history. Here are 17 ideas to make an apple crate has a deco object or fun has turned into Personalized establishment.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Claudia Georgi Photography

1. A scalable library
By fixing together several boxes has apples, you will realize a library industrial accents, as in the Berlin show.

Tip: If you move, the boxes can be rearranged in another form, for example in height. Moreover, it is always possible to add more.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Vera Tarlovskaya Interiors

2. A cheap bedside
generally used by the credit union apples horizontally but it made a nifty bedside used here is vertical. Four wheels were be built on one of the sides of the box. The low shelf serves to books, the summit put the bedside lamp or, as here, a vase.

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Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

3. Scandinavian shelves
We often see small crates Wine for six bottles Recycled by way of shelves. Caisse apples also work very well in this role, as seen in this contemporary living Goteborg in Sweden.

Tip: Scandinavian spirit guaranteed by combining light wood crates, geometric black and white cushions and a sheepskin.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Sergey Harenko
Tip: Even use of the fund was in a Scandinavian potato spirit here in Ukraine. It retains suspended mounting very easy to achieve thanks to a simply knotted CORDELIERE checkout. One hook is installed on the wall. PEG-strongly because these boxes weigh around 3 kg empty.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Louise Miranda

4. From the modern with the old
TV furniture is overpriced. Never mind, let us imitate this composition the good idea comes from Amsterdam. Five crates apples has support amps, DVDs and other plates under a suspended screen.

Tip: The celadon green is a very trendy color that works well with the gray brown boxes. For more effect, the green was randomly affixed to the body or on its periphery.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Holy Funk

5. A table store
Crates Apples are a flores until Melbourne, or Journaler has realized this beautiful coffee table in an industrial style. Four crates of apples has equipped wheels were used to achieve this character furniture, and solid wad of storage space for books and magazines.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Jeanette Lunde

6. Spirit workshop
Any office of a fan art creatifs has a strong gain by a credit union apples. Here it serves as paper holder gifts but will also be a good arrangement for a sewing machine and other accessories.

Tip: Wooden boxes are solid. You can also equip your garage or workshop and turn them into boxes of tools.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Jeanette Lunde

7. wooden toys
Plastic children’s cupboards are practical, but rather unsightly. An old wooden box can be used as a safe toy for those who like more heat of authentic material.

Beneficial caisses apples RECOVERED by definition have a story … Wash them very carefully (with a diluted bleach and a wire brush for example) and sand them so that the child can hurt himself with a thorn.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?


8. A chest on wheels
Another version of the fund has transformed apples in a toy chest on which is adapted wheels (less than 15 euros for four). In a child’s room, the Caisse apples vintage which already take a very Bourlingue stylee retirement and certainly eventful.

Tip: With a nailer stapler, you can even quickly equip an interior contour tissue.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

9. Storage chic
Teen boys often fond industrial style to decorate their room. Here in London, in a metal locker for storing clothes and a box for storing apples in class notebooks are a duo deco chic and cheap teen organizes.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Tip: Why not also match the office this deco industrial style? Simply four caisse apples to be used as base and a glass etched thick puff has the size 130 (or 140) x 55 centimeters. The boxes tournees outward spare shelves of books to ask.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Heather Merenda

10. A storage swinging
Vinyl is the musical support of his favorite lovers vintage. To store your record collection, a case has authentic apple will be the perfect accessory for cultivating the nostalgic spirit.

Tip: The format 31 x 31, the vinyl record is well suited to the Caisse apples whose dimension is approximately L 54 x W 35 x D 36. Note that Ikea boxes are smaller in length but can also serve as storage for vinyls.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Juliette Byrne

11. Flexible to infinity
If you are wondering how amenager inside a closet or under a staircase, you can retain the idea of ​​the fund was apples. Simply stacking the vertical and / or horizontally to make storage boxes.

Tip: They can be easily sawed as amenager here for the lofts. Attach the layout to make it very stable.

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Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Holly Marder

12. Content and containing
In the children’s bedroom, furniture and toys were chosen wood. A shelf made with an old apple crate has has the ideal size for children’s albums and the right style to convey more authenticity.

Tip: The handle of the Caisse apples are great for carrying around. She has played both the furniture and the role of container when they have to move objects.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Dreamy Whites

13. Supplement of soul
In this room, the white base and the objects vintage reflect a style Shabby chic assumes. A case has apples «in its own juice» is used as a piece of sofa. The goal: to bring humanity through utilitarian objects that have lived well.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Sara Bates

14. Entree recup ‘
Fanupcycling, immediately give the tone your guests by concocting an entry to your image. Three apples in crates in height are used as a shoe lockers. They were equipped with hooks for hanging underneath jackets.

Tip: An old metal canteen will be ideal to complement the decor and store umbrellas or bags.

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Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Kristina Steinmetz Design

15. The thing more
In an industrial-style kitchen, do not hesitate to make you a service-based funds has apples. This furniture has wheels that allows clearing the table or strike a booster-based dishes is always very practical in this room.

Tip: Stack the boxes has apples, creez several levels oting the intermediate board each box to access the storage.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Studio Morton

16. And outside?
Interior is not the only one to benefit from the recycling boxes to apples. On the outside, including a terrace, they can do coffee table office in mind recup ‘. One way stylee and inexpensive to manufacture outdoor furniture.

Tip: You can mix the table recup ‘with an upscale chair like here or create a manufacturer in all your pallets seat.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

17. Zen Garden
A case has apples is good template to make a vegetable garden in squares (or rather rectangles) has the size of a small terrace. Install a plastic bottom, using a garbage bag and secure it to the nailer stapler.

Tip: Wood caisse apples is not trafficking. Do not fear that chemicals are diluted in your plants when watering.

Idee recup : What to do with caisse apples?

Alexander Dewhirst
Zoom finally on the Berlin project a little crazy or caisse apples transformed into dozens of miniature gardens totally vegetalisent a large section of wall. I bet that your project-based funds has apples will not limit your imagination. Feel free to send us your ideas recycling!

Have you ever recycled caisse apples? Show us the result deco and share your tips in the comments section below!

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    Many good ideas to take back! Photo 15 is not a caisse apples: these shallow boxes whose bottom is mesh and used originally to make dry tulip bulbs. They come from the Netherlands and the producer is generally inscribed on the side.


    Jeannette Rondouin 

    superb, but either recover or buy a apple crates


    Mohamed Ayad 

    The scale used in the bar it’s just excellent. I have a wood of 70 years in its juice and stored in the garden. Now I know what to do.



    The crates ca can be really nice, everything is a matter of dosage and balance.
    Personally, I’ve had them for free in an apple cooperative.



    C is an idea I will ask my Biocoop store!



    personally I like! you can even have fun stacking them.


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