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Ideas to decorate an apartment with a Scandinavian style

When it comes to houses in Stockholm, the decoration style we encounter most often is naturally Scandinavian decoration.
In fact, I sometimes wonder if there is a rule in this city which says that each new owner must begin with a Scandinavian style by default! Yet it is easy to understand why so many homes, not just in the region but around the world turn to this simple theme, elegant and relaxing. Vasastan located in a part of town in central Stockholm, this superb apartment offers decoration ideas for anyone looking to adopt the chic Scandinavian style.

Divided over 115 square meters, the apartment welcomes you with shades and hues which include a neutral background and typical Scandinavian bright colors.
The wooden floor in the living room and carpet adds a textural contrast to the space, while the illustrations encadrees ASKED carelessly give the interior a chic side by the apartment.

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-13

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-12

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-11

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-10

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-09

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-08

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-07

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-06

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-05

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-04

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-03

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-02

idee-deco apartment Scandinavian-01

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