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How to clean your makeup mirror

How to clean your makeup mirror

The mirror is one of the furniture items that you use in your life. Where to use your mirror can reflect to just see your face or entire body evenly.

With a mirror you can also know the number of good and bad way you dress. So you will easily to see you are in a state of neat or not. Therefore, Indonesia furniture provides a decorative mirror on the right with a beautiful engraving as well and very charming.

But what if you get a mirror that at any time be exposed to dust or other stains that can worsen the condition of the mirror, then you have to clean the mirrors are fast and do not leave your complexion clean up graffiti on the mirror. so it you need to know some easy ways to clean mirror Whyte French furniture:

1. The first is that you should be able to know what stain stick in your mirror. What is the stain that is easy to clean with water (dust stains, food stains, or other stains) or stains are not easily cleaned with water (stain paint, or stain — stain the other)

2. Once you know what type of stains found on the surface of your mirror. Furthermore, what if could be cleaned with clean water using only a mirror cleaning cloth that was in the wet with water. With

I wiped it on a regular basis to clean the mirror again.

3. What if the mirror you get a stain that can not be missing anything when using water alone (stain paint) then you need to require the ground to melt oil stain. then with your cloth to wipe the mirror clean.

4. And what if the stain will not go away also, use a knife that still has a flat blade. Then the friction course is still a sharp blade to a mirror surface that has a stain on his side and slowly land. And keep in mind, what if you use a knife, suggest the spread of cleaner oil to the surface mirror — mirror first. It is in use to avoid blisters due to the erosion of the stain by using a sharp knife.

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