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How to clean the chair and stool

How to clean the chair and stool

Chair or stool is a household item that you often put in the living room or family room. Where as if you know the room was in desperate need of good hygiene, both in terms of clean environment and cleanliness of the other furniture. So with the cleanliness of the room you can entertain your guests comfortable in or with relatives as they gather with you.

Therefore you need to know some ways that young people in cleaning furniture mahogany furniture. In this case there are two terms you should know. This is furniture you clean the frame or parts made of wood and parts made of fabric that cover the seat foam pads. so that there are several different ways.

Here»s how to clean the furniture Indonesia:

The first part, the frame or parts made of wood you can just use a rag and wood oil to clean the furniture you use in this.

The second part to clean the surface of fabric furniture pads. By way of using the brush tool. By using the brush, the surface of the fabric can you comb checkers can filter dust or other dirt stuck to the surface of the fabric.

From some of the above, you»ll find it easier to use your furniture as well as with ease in cleaning. So that your furniture can be durable and safe in use.


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