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Holly all by Philippe Starck

The demesure, the imposing, the spectacular, as many adjectives to describe this new production of the famous designer and touches everything, Philippe Starck. The vase Holly All, of its size can also serve as chair for your gardens or terraces.

Associates for the occasion brand Serralunga, Starck is once what to do about him. Ultra publicized always present you great design events Starck, like many people profile in its field, attracting as many as admirer detractor.

We like young designers, little or no media attention, but when a beautiful production is done we do not spend a rating.

Price: € 1,495

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by Spirit Design

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    Ryan Priddy 

    Visualize the source of «Holly all by Philippe Starck» on.



    I find the first picture very rewarding. Situation with «quidames» and not a supermodel and a less well chosen plant is less interesting.


    Moses Hurn 

    There were vases or rather glass decanters ditto ds 50 years.


    Sanora Rock 

    inept as almost totality of its prod but so «fashion»



    it’s true ds trend XXL.


    Maryrose Hanney 

    Not bad design these chairs!



    given situation, and falls very very low in my estimation.
    I think there’s better to do in style, and that AC is still a time to push, even banal form, the presence of an almost nonexistent tray furniture that spot the landscape.
    I really feel that once gained notoriety, you have opportunity to do everything and anything, especially anything !!!


    Forest Gougerty 

    Starck modeux is against a total sense.

    You make an error on starck, it does not do anything. It is the finest player of the star system design even though her ex responsible for very smart brands do not understand his game, even that of Doctor com who wrote a book about him to become famous and is not still unknown, so the university is next to the plate.
    The notoriety is aquiere doing things and even by not object to and leaving his right arm provided that everyone considers you as you aim being the idea that it is a designer
    I explain this to my virtual ds of American university designers who put a pink shirt to be Karim Rashid.


    Coco Hurley 

    As Vincent was integrated in its 39 Flashback I resume my how here.
    4 the squabble XXL pots is a studio turf war: starck in response to massaud and its baobab. Star and his right arm becomes hybrid one who has never been…. Competition led to «progress» ….
    In fact a niche market so narrow that those who purchase them are remote 1000 km….
    Conclusion: the occupation is more mediatic landscape that the real landscape.
    As the rotational molding does not allow large quantities and as he made an agreement of exclusivity with Kartell, it begs the question of why this event in my opinion well controlled.


    Nickname Bacon 

    I see that Starck plays more a role of go-between between the clients, once again changing the position of the designer.


    Lashunda Crowson 

    Clement Gault PhD student in my design «favorite», a «conflict partner» by PS Design and Research blog has talked about wind Starck design attention by confusing communications and design attention It is right for Holly even if it is also the com attention to sales volumes.
    As against a doctor who says Starck design by the sum of the sum superior known unknown I really laugh.


    Herman Fairchild 

    to contextualize, in 1985 the volume of plastic manufactures ds the world exceeds the volume of metal…. which corresponds to the period Starck Kartell. Today the metal back and Starck becomes transparent. Explanations of Patrick Jouin former head Starck furniture in 2007
    PJ «I design for the Italian company Kartell plastic, and I wonder if that material that is made noble shall disappear. It is becoming lighter, with less matter, but it is recyclable if it is transparent, black or white. Should no longer use color? Similarly to Murano, the colored glasses? And if we start to calculate the «gray energy» and the matter of quantity to make chairs, the balance will be uplifting. My steel for Fermob Facto weighs 5 kg, which is huge; the Thalya Kartell plastic, 2.2 kg. But the wooden Superleggera (1951-1957) Gio Ponti weighs just 1 kg. And if we take into account other relevant factors in the production of the product, such as transportation, one perceives a wooden chair can be made with simple equipment all over the world, but injects a plastic chair need a single mold. Although less matter is used, it is the energy to make this steel mold remains considerable. This is Gio Ponti is the most ecological. »


    Violet Habersham 

    gray energy is at the heart of all discussions, both for the architecture for the creation of furniture and deco.


    Emiko Ahmed 

    Embodied energy is now diverted by a communication from the citation that led to the same level one who does good and the one who does evil. one with the most talked about rather than that it is interesting to «listen.
    The heated debate prompted by Philippe STAR show that it seeks to monopolize attention, while stain remover rival of his generation and subsequent generations who seek to defy a symbolic groin. It takes the foot against those who are immersed in a trade following the, often mimicking the like copycats .and even smarter one who departs from it and validating it by drowning it with 9 other young designers.


    Perry Custis 

    «It’s an ogre who devours the era without ever saying if he finds delectable or detestable. Follower of the dangerous thought, explorer shadows of souls and bodies, he hears think the worst and continues to live the best. «This portrait of the great German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk by Elisabeth Levy could apply to our great thinker Philippe Starck which some will remain in posterity more as a thinker, a visionary than a great designer.
    In terms of com… I’m sticking with a text on Sarkozy. It is also striking.


    Blanca Cole 

    Luc de Goustine writer and journalist spoke of a new mediatic science: Sarkologie I diverted in Starckologie.
    Understanding Sarkozy? Starck?
    . every journalist is a judge on his dexterity in fulfilling the essential chestnut: day after day prophesy on speech doings dde S. .This doing Cartesianism — of our beautiful country coquette dress — was cruelly put to the ‘ordeal. Nothing has prepared analysts frustrations they face when they try to apply a grid of rationality has the S gesture Indeed, reached the top it turns causing a political and paradoxical that some crediting of the invention geniale a new mode of governance, only relies on the mediatic communication. Without going so far, we must admit that the effects of surprise and feet against the staccato messages and saturation channels lead to impose an image of the man even more obsessive it eventually becomes indistinguishable…. «


    Barclay Hands 

    Be careful not to go too far… BED accepts dialogues, exchanges, less monologues, especially if the policy comes in.
    Domain Isolate from editorial line BED.


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