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Gusset convenient by Raphaelle Bonamy

Gusset convenient by Raphaelle Bonamy

Raphaelle Bonamy, young woman French designer presents us her dresser Appointee Fob presented at an exhibition in Lausanne by TheECAL.

A column of six drawers or wood predominates, fir, using an original system even opening via a bicycle chain. Een sculpture and everyday object, Raphaelle Bonamy highlights the furniture character, its often accentuates the difference-added hardware: handle, hinges, screws

The bicycle chain here becomes an element in its own right of the dresser as an ornamental gem!

Gusset convenient by Raphaelle Bonamy
Gusset convenient by Raphaelle Bonamy

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    Lashaunda Crate 

    Nice find Vincent even though I was a bit scared of a remake, so a design has frequent chain in blogs, conveniently a necklace I have not found.


    Diego Morrant 

    MASTER CLASS cycle What are we?
    -Meubles has drawers?
    -Meubles column?
    -System of operation?
    Gross -Wood?


    Salina Knibb 

    Immediately we understand better the concept watching video.
    Not too afraid to grease stain?


    Fritz Longwell 

    Regardless of the project, what I remember is that:
    -1/3 Of ECAL in Lausanne is the french students (according to Catherine Geel)
    — The show graduate (public exhibition of diplomas projects) is a concept found in Eindhoven, has RCA London, ECAL Lausanne but not in France.


    Zona Peplow 

    useless to add slybox by keiji Ashizawa.


    Woodrow Newbrough 

    unless Raphaelle Bonamy standby to tour France with Rui Alves (My Own Super Studio)


    Gertha Merwin 

    Just drawers?


    Seymour Furney 

    raphaelle bonamy part of Reims esad to go to The ECAL Lausanne and London with Doshi Levien has very few quotes on the web, less than 300 and a website in the fog.



    As I enter the work and the course by google image I see this.



    News, News, News, News Some fresh!
    Looking for exiting JOB OPPORTUNITIES.
    Currently Freelance designer Doshi Levien for, London UK.
    Odoardo Fioravanti at least-is a table for Casamania.


    Henriette Haslam 

    the only clear image comes from the via.
    And this time the text is imprecise.


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