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Grand-Mere chair by studio H220430

Grand-Mere chair by studio H220430

Satoshi Itasaka, Japanese designer, we present his chair concept Appointee Grandmother, between modern and vintage, between history and message between wood and resin ..

An idea » Express the attachment has something while respecting the memories it holds »

Satoshi Itasaka offers his own re-interpretation of traditional chair dragging in your attic or your grandmother without sanding, no repair without painting, he gives grace to the style of the day has a transparent resin structure that respects the game make existing wood. A double chair in front, like a mirror on the chair she even offers a link between pass and present..voir future ..

Grand-Mere chair by studio H220430
Grand-Mere chair by studio H220430

Satoshi Itasaka BEDesign we see here

Site Studio: Studio H220430


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    The mixture of matter: why not!


    Arlene Bull 

    Meet pass / present:


    Daniel Graves 

    This is the new Ferruccio Laviani, even if he lives partly in Brazil homeland Campana makes new drawing either Starck is either Dutch trendetters Hartell more rarely himself (Candle Light)
    I would rather it reminds me cinqcinqdesigners project Reanim even if it is not the same concept.


    Galen Fugit 

    I love the concept of «Medicine of Things»


    Gianna Lee 

    I’m going to break your legs.
    «I love the idea of ​​Medicine of Things»
    + This is speaking as recup, upcycling, customization; even if it is conceptually a chair prothesiste work to replace a walk Medicine objects «is softer. This is anthropomorphism. A prosthesis is an artificial device intended to replace a limb, organ or joint. This is at least what would have written a concept designer of Eindhoven. The teacher and the students would severely critical, asking to go further: it is actually prostheses «external» or exo-prostheses. etc This is one of the difference difference between French school of design concept and the Dutch School.


    Chesney Gatley 

    Martino Gamper has also played with this idea:



    Martino Gamper is a performance-structuring and restructuring .More slyly known designers take a foot and a seat Eames Panton eg for a minute project that will add a 20 requests to treat.



    A rainbow to Vincent?


    Jeannetta Hopton 

    To sum difference and repetition.


    Arrie Ebden 

    I prefer this project stool Satoshi Itasaka, ideal for online sales.


    Sam Hymers 

    Satoshi Itasaka longer design concept sketches actually design concept Eindhoven or french as radi or 5 5 By adding a crutch to his table he approaches 5.5 or Eindhoven?


    Micah Jones 

    inversion of the concept… when furniture becomes palliative or medical!


    Apollo Christopher 

    I advise Emerging designers that have not done great design schools (30 ds published products worldwide)
    I close behind many young designers so that they come out of mental schemas in which encloses them Starck designers or stars or Ora Ito. ou Rashid. They become copycats.
    Yuan Yuan ESAD Reims seems to me the brilliant french + (I do not know)
    office-gym-chair tai chi chuan-by-yuan-yuan / ESAD Reims.


    Alastair Potts 

    To get out of chair design = = notoriety.



    I mean stacking + or — plastic monobloc.



    The chair tai chi appears to me anyway gadget anything unless it’s a joke.


    Henri Bundy 

    RE: Olivier. C.
    You probably prefer humor droogesque Dutch?
    Do Create, Droog Design Project 2000.


    Floyd Roop 

    It’s not the Grand-Mere Satoshi Itasaka but when I bounce on «furniture becomes palliative or medical! »


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