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Gnome inside by Vitamin

We had you ever presents a brand product Vitamin, the I.V. revoila The Pot with a series of Gnome for indoor and outdoor, at the boundary between garden gnome figurine and manga, from their Asian origin.

presenting a line of gnome similar in shape, but each with a different charm. Poetics / Decale / Gothic / Zen /

The invasion begins

Article disponbile a purchase on

Price: € 61 (basic Gnome)

They exist as pregnant or even light .. brand website

by Spirit Design

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Comments: 7

    Garret Rhoden 

    Oh the garden little gnomes are too! ^^
    Nice photo with the colony on the floor.
    I would not mind a light on the shelf in my entree.
    When I did my ticket, I thought that I had seen these gnomes somewhere and in fact, I realize now that it was in the banner of your blog!


    Chesney Trower 

    Yes yes a little gnome has found its place in my banner… Really interesting this range, even in light or pregnant…


    Bobby Williamson 

    They are so cool these dwarfs, I even bought one (on.
    Can you tell me where you can find pregnant gnomes, ca am interested?
    thank you.


    Share Bear7 

    They are indeed terribly endearing with the new colors are very pretty. Unfortunately we address listings have or site for the sale of these pregnant gnome.
    We will have direct contact with the head of the creation studio, to see if these products are marketed.
    Cdt, Vincent.


    o mommie 

    I’ll ask you this because I have not even seen on the website of Vitamin.


    Allen Loveridge 

    Indeed, they are on their catalog.
    Prototypes? next declination?


    Benny Hunt 

    Search persons possessing garden gnomes «Design» (gnome vitamin, napoleon Starck dwarf, dwarf baddy PLUST collection ) to contact with 100% M6 journalist mag and reporting thank you for your help!


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