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Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit

Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit

The Lives Studio, basis of the rating of London consists of Swedish designers Helena Jonasson and Veronica Dagnert present us Globe Lights, a collection of pendants fixtures with ceramic reflector shaped metal sphere.

Each pendant can be used independently as a light way auxiliary source or an indirect way by being couple with a half-sphere of white and polished steel.

Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit

A light assembly full of poetry

Creation presented in Milan at the last Milan Design Week 2013.

Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit
Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit
Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit
Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit
Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit
Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit
Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit
Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit
Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit
Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit
Globe pendant luminaire sphere by Studio Vit

More information about the studio: Studio Vit

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    Stevie Ailey 

    Box Clever …
    There are design that gives me the balls, one that is part of a trend and at the same time out of the ring. This is going to snowball because London swedish plebicitees in Milan by Domus Yatzer and would require mysteries and gumdrop for an editor or galieriste do not put him in its catalog.
    I think of Donata Paruccini hangers for Eno.
    I love when Hella Jongerius who actually see all the colors Vitra has this year has not seen the light Helena Jonasson and Veronica have views Dagnert.


    Roscoe Laster 

    and Didier Blin Krzentowski.
    Box clever…
    This concept lamp «Marble» had me interested. Marble lamp Camille Blin presented amidst the collection of ecaliens youth projects (ECAL Lausanne) has Kreo gallery Paris and designmiami-basel.
    An interesting project, but a little dry already a teacher assistant Ecal I met in Paris and who do not yet know the mirror neurons.



    Voila voila bright idea on the table.


    Taylor Hendy 

    MILAN 2013: lighting trend: widen the circle 3 rings.

    I never understood why this lamp Camille Blin was never edited.



    Obviously in this lighting trend, there Ferreol Babin which being edited by.
    Fontana Arte goes directly into the 2nd circle design luminaire.
    From phase to phase, until a lunar.
    and sublimated by the stand of Luca Nichetto has Euroluce 2013 Milan.


    Tatum Wanlass 

    A designer brand should note.
    These are the swedish studio Lives in London (Helena Jonasson and Veronica Dagnert) whose branding sanitizes a design reminiscent Front.
    But in addition to mirror neurons and small bright surprises, there is a big job for innovation, com, positioning and territory to get out and survive in the global Ring.
    Design Front.


    Andrew Veness 

    why that smile this astonishment, this delicacy. Because at the London design week are selected on the platform Dezeen filming facing Marcus Fairs.
    Thirty young and future designers are selected for an exhibition on Dezeen platform during the London Design Festival 2011
    but no echo on the canvas and very few like this video.


    Avery Naismith 

    Their other big project is Marble Lights Studio-Vit who has received no comments on Dezeen but received an honorable mention in 2012 Satelitte from the deferral design jury.



    This project marble lighting not very readable in the pictures has received an honorable mention from the award-carry design in 2012 at Milan show satelitte by a jury composed of Christophe de la Fontaine (L), Martino Gamper (I) Geke Lensink (NL), Philippe Nigro (F) and the editor in chief of design report, Lars Quadejacob allemannd mag.
    here’s a clearer picture.


    Lakisha Folds 

    the exact minimum.
    When design meets the trend planet planet and the planet esmod. and art planet.
    A small reading fashion school of tendanseur that connects a home salon tendanseur and Objects.
    a brilliant article about Sylvie Maysonnave content communication- trends among eurovet- esmod and analyzes fashion trends and redaction in jalou 2 editions annually supplement trend of Official.


    Myron Digges 

    I often think «it’s beautiful, I like, wow, «.
    This luminaire is the much,
    it excites me.
    Minimalist and full of poetry.
    The dreams.
    play and grow.
    in this hard bowl.
    but so sweet.


    Scott Beets 

    Make the minimum.
    I must say that I have a little trouble with poetry minimum and a general way with poetic design.
    Make poetry minimum is to make a tapeworm, a monostiche.
    Good lighting is it a stroke of luck? And the unique chalk trumpets diverted-renowned «And the only cord marine trumpets» of Guillaume Apollinaire with a little ditty Brassens.
    Elizabeth Leriche made a minimum space Maison et Objets so some say not to go further, to the alleys.


    Rashan Popson 

    The effect is very nice and very artistic, but I do not see that kind of light be used in everyday life. Say it is not very practical and does not enlightened the masses.


    Johnette Gobert 

    The irony of the matter is that those who are not Expressionists and do the minimum stand out in the press via ballroom tendanseurs.


    Alex Dinsdale 

    Celine would say that it is the gallery of design, not the design shop?


    Theodore Goodbody 

    Globe Lights, marble lights, it’s Lives (too?) Made.
    «Every day new products arrive on the market. All these objects, without exception, are appointed. What is the process for naming these products? Which strategies do they meet?
    Juicy Salif citrus between the press Starck and drill Bosch PSR 9,6-18V a vast territory denomination emerges. What is the topography? A product name is a developer. What relationship it maintains with the object it designates the manufacturer who chose and the consumer who will use? Study the denomination process products is to question the relationship of objects to language, and the Similarly, in their cultural, technical and commercial. «Frederic FRETY diploma thesis in 2004 ENSCI.


    Alec Gracie 

    Questions about the design or design in question.
    While it may be become poetic object?
    «A light device full of poetry….» Vincent bed. «Minimalist and full of poetry» Lore.
    A poetic object can exist without poetic name?
    For me the poetic minimalism is well illustrated by Man vase Pierre Charpin.


    Krish Clements 

    Z: but I also have (had?) Struggle with poetic design.
    No poetic name? So what? I will give it, according to mood, time of day and the color of the sky.
    (Not yet! This light makes me a funny effect, I think I’m in love)


    Sasha Bateson 

    A metal reflector shaped half-sphere must be located easily. It is placed against a wall, and Hop. It was like a light device says Vincent. For the rest it is not the grammar and vocabulary of the French base in Switzerland Camille Blin but close enough concept.
    There are also several meeting points between them.
    On the side of french in France, Constance Guisset with Fiat lux has a poetic and innovative project which for the moment is still in portfolio.


    Aliyah Hoye 

    Prof Z in full ideation with an evolutionary innovation method.
    (The evolutionist ideas derive moreover, take something that already exists and improves)
    As a reflector typology in C ^ on me can imagine a dome lamp that is placed on the ground a tent light part is removed to enter.


    o mommie 

    Studio Vit t be there at Pantheon design?


    Jacky Taylor 

    Recipe Low.
    The critic Anne Bonni on the marble Camille Blin applies to the globe-light studio live. except that the reflection was changing shape and became a dome person who poses the ground a dome.
    «Other elected object for this limited production series of Kreo, Marble Camille Blin, consists of two distinct parts: a projector installation on a mobile pedestal and a rectangular marble panel that serves as a reflector. Such minimal sculpture, Marble seems to capture the essence of light, according reflechie different angles, and pay homage to its purity. «Anne Bonni.
    Todd Bracher was fair down the dome suspension lamp table.
    Lukas Peet had renverer the Dome, 2010.
    Camille Blin.
    Ps as also they made a marble fixture Previously.


    Benny Hunt 

    This is just or not?



    While the swedish studio Vit Satellitte lit the room with Globe light that illuminated the Babin Ferreol Euroluce with the Flare Light Studio Besau Marguerre lit city, Ventura Lambrate.


    Archie Barrowcliffe 

    MILAN 2013 PROF Z scout.
    When I saw that marble Camille Blin Kreo gallery, I thought it is a model of a monument to the dead of the unknown designer Ecal.
    When I saw this globe light studio Vit, I thought it was one of the 30 Nendo shoot balls to the wall was white.
    When I saw the light of Flare Studio Besau Marguerre lit city, the area of ​​Ventura Lambrate, I thought that there should be an old vintage drive to warm the present and if we copy the Chinese as Droog?


    Babette Clark 

    «We have reached a saturation level in the design and in the running, it’s time to think smarter about what to do with the surplus, and used in the design process. We need to better leverage our collective intelligence, «Renny Ramakers stated, co-founder and director of Droog. «Imitation can also be inspiring. »


    Alannah Maunder 

    Blin + Vit Studio.
    The more I look at this monochrome geometry developed for 2 years by the studio Vit consists of a swedish duo based in London, the more I look at their initiatory journey, the more I tell myself that this design (drawing + design) has nothing Scandinavian It’s an interesting design but do not excites me leaving me almost marble and indeed this «marble» Camille Blin table for Kreo a limited edition of 8 pieces for Ecal collection Gallery;


    Traci Hannam 

    The Chinese are in southern hemisphere .and north.



    This implies for designers and editor potential to broaden its reflection VIT.


    Jax Mcinally 

    Dezeen just made half a globe Topic .de globalization;
    9 million page views per month.
    1.3 million unique visitors per month.
    Stop time: readers spend an average of 3.5 minutes per visit.
    Fidelity: 20% of our readers visit 200 + monthly.
    260,000 Facebook fans.
    125,000 followers on Twitter.
    80,000 subscribers Power.
    60,000 Dezeen mail subscribers to the newsletter.
    (Source: Dezeen SURVEYING readers and Google Analytics)


    Perla Becker 




    a source the reflection…
    LIFE PLATE by mrdeanbrown.


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