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Glasses illusion of thirst

A small desire for novelty of your best wine tasting? This set of glasses illusion will bring elegance, originality and imagination to your tasting. Wine cup fills completely, the comic form in the interior of the traditional glass seems to float in the void, confusing!

Glass illusion

Little thought for people who do not have a dishwasher, wash this kind of glass by hand certainly a feat!

Glass illusion

This range is also available as a champagne flute in a fruit cup etc.

Article available for purchase: here

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    Love it! Really original! With these glasses, guaranteed our guests this summer!



    certainly… appearance cup to the container and distinguished appearance, worked for the content… discernment has both original and confusing!



    I’m not sure the «false foot» glass can really fill It should rather be a mirror game system in the interior that reflects the color… I think Finally, I should prefer, if not, they are not close to sell a product like this, ca should not be given either, and I do not ca washing in the dishwasher, it’s clear.



    Simply managed.
    Formidable well managed.
    Congratulations for your article.


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