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Genova’s system for iPod

GenovaLab, We present a system of SoundStation to iPod demarque is by its design is both fluid and imposing.

May intrigue on its usefulness, they will issue you a powerful sound and sophisticated. A fMet tuner CD player are also proposed in functionalities. Available in White, Black or Red, the sound cube will fit easily in a corner of your living room.

Price: $ 600

Brand website: GenovaLab

by Spirit Design

Category: high tech

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    Bryan Stanway 

    Genova’s iPod 18 June 2008 in Decoration View source «System Genova’s iPod» on.



    I hate, it’s worthy of the Stereo channels 80’s! I do not see the interest to have a material so awesome!



    You can find it on singulier. com with prices in euros. I share your opinion Guillaume, the models are awesome! However, the sound quality is at the rendezvous. I prefer a small Pal in Tivoli Audio (completely nomadic), a big chain that comes + add to our flat screen. Besides, where are the cables?


    Bloom Parkes 

    Genova’s iPod 2 July 2008 in Decoration View source «System Genova’s iPod» on.


    Clifton Collier 

    Genova’s iPod July 9, 2008 in Decoration View source «System Genova’s iPod» on.


    Wilda Storror 

    Where can I buy this product? ca am interested for my ipod.
    Thank you in advance.


    Lakisha Christin 

    — Speaker Available in a multitude of online shops.



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