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Geneva home cinema system

Geneva home cinema system

Here is the dream complement to your stereo system for iPod beforehand presented on our Blog: Geneva Systeme Brand Geneva We returned here with a complete home cinema system rather original.

The new plant will be able to accommodate your iPod, simply send all its power in the distribution of your DVD preferes. The entire piece is then only pregnant, or rather seven speakers with subwoofer etc. A marvel of sound, according to testers! Price greatly restricts its dissemination fields.

Geneva home cinema system

Article available for purchase at $ 3995: here


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    I find it rather massive cabinet. You must love the genre.


    Nila Warrilow 

    For me a 7.1 really is when the 7 satellites are arranged around the listening area. I do not know what it is that this home cinema mode as bar that turns on TV, but in addition to being large I find that it does not add much, so take good 2.0 speaker or 2.1.
    In addition, we associate more iPod Hi-Fi, it is quite untoward.
    This is just my opinion but the comments are for AC right? ^^



    Just beautiful.
    I love the originality and design of these plates.
    A follow closely!
    Congratulations again for this article anyway.


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