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Furnishing Tips for New Couples

Furnishing Tips for New Couples

It is exciting to begin furnishing a home as a new couple, but it can also be challenging. Since it is a big step towards setting up a harmonious new life together, you’ll want to furnish a home you both love.

To avoid unnecessary arguments and disagreements there are certain actions you can take to make the process easier:

Talk to Each Other:

Communication is the key to a successful relationship, so talk over each other’s needs and preferences before you go furniture shopping.

Discuss what you plan to buy just as you would before making any other major purchase such as a home or a car. Furniture is the backdrop for your life, make it work for you.

Know Your Home:

Know your home before you start furnishing. If you haven’t lived there for long, wait a little. Get to to know the quirks of your home to understand what it needs.

You will get a sense of how traffic flows through all the different rooms, and the best use for them. Measuring your space would give you a good idea of what might fit.

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Have a Plan:

You might find it easier to shop for furniture if you have a plan. After figuring out your budget, find out what you need and then prioritize. Don’t buy what you’re not sure you need.

Figure out where you want to shop, and then you might want to divide the responsibilities, such as who does the research, legwork, or gets the place ready for the furniture. You may both want to work together to decide on the final purchase.

Trust Your Own Sense of Style:

There is no need to follow anyone else’s lead when you furnish your home, unless you really love that look. If both of you like a particular piece, go for it even if it is different from what you generally see around you. Chances are that it would really fit how you want to live and might be a better expression of your own style.

Mix His and Hers Styles Together:

It is important for both of you to feel equally happy in your own home. Find furniture that reflects your new life together, and get rid of what no longer fits your lifestyle. You may want to divide up the space depending on who spends more time where if both of you have very different tastes. The good news is that since an eclectic look is popular you can mix very different styles with ease if you pay attention to some basic design principles.

Create the Home You Want:

Don’t be afraid to dream big even if your budget is small. Find ways of creating the home you want. Shop at sales, consignment stores, or even accept cast-offs. Think of refinishing, repurposing or refurbishing — all green practices, and all helpful in creating a home that is truly yours. Share your creative ideas with the rest of us here.

Enjoy the Process:

Buying furniture should be an enjoyable experience. Don’t turn it into a battle of wills as the furniture in your home is an expression of how you want to spend your life together. Choosing how you furnish each room in your home should be both fun and exciting.

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