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Furnishing an Off-Campus Apartment for the College Student

Furnishing an Off-Campus Apartment for the College Student

Furnishing an off-campus apartment is an exciting experience. You have graduated from the dorm into a place that is your own. If you are like most college students, money is going to be tight, and yet you want your place to look nice and you need it to be functional.

When Sharing an Apartment

Sharing an apartment with others is an affordable arrangement.

When you are sharing your apartment with others it might be a good idea to compare notes to see if any roommates already own furniture or other furnishings they can bring.

If it is important to you to have a place that looks attractive, you might want to decide on colors or pieces that are mutually acceptable, especially in common areas.

It is better to buy separate pieces instead of sharing the cost of one. Eventually, you or your roommates will move out and it might be hard to decide who gets to keep what, or how to split one piece of furniture between two people.

When You Have Your Own Studio Apartment

You might decide that you want to live alone, and be fortunate enough to find an affordable studio apartment.

Furnish your apartment with furniture you might be bringing from the dorm.

Use furniture that does double duty, like a futon which can double as a bed at night and be a couch for lounging, or a table that doubles as a desk or dining table.

Keep folding chairs and sleeping bags or inflatable mattresses for when you decide to have friends over.

Shelves, underbed storage, or closet organizers may help you contain clutter.

Where to Get Affordable Furniture

You may not have to buy all your furniture. Maybe your parents are planning on parting with that old couch. There might be treasures in the garage or basement at home that are not being used. As for them if you can transport them easily without additional expense.

Look online. The classified section of your local newspaper or might have listed free furniture that you could possibly use. Somebody’s castoffs could find a new life in your apartment.

Take a walk in your neighborhood or go dumpster diving. Sometimes people leave perfectly usable furniture sitting on the curbside when they move. Don’t bring in anything that is too damaged or dilapidated, unless you are good with your hands and have the time and tools to fix it.

Shop at local garage sales or yard sales. You can always haggle for the price you are willing to pay.

Shop at local thrift stores, you never know what you can find to use or even repurpose as you please.

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