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Floor-art, the art of wax concrete

Floor-art, the'art du beton cire

We wanted to present you a small discovery Appointee Art-Floor, this company is specialized for over 5 years in the materials wax concrete and Decorative coatings. Certainly the rating of Marseille for their implementation, projects likely exceed its limits of their area.

Now working with many renowned architects, art-floor develops and perfect in the mastery of matter, on construction sites or for dreams of all exquisite mansions as each other.

Art-Floor submits the idea and leaves reflecting the client, not the wax concrete is not that expensive. An idea? you come to realize such a shower, while art-floor offers a mineral resin coloree or not to apply that cost you from 30 € of m ?, it makes you think, especially when the result is appercoi .

Floor-art, the'art du beton cire

Floor-art, the'art du beton cire

Floor-art, the'art du beton cire

Floor-art, the'art du beton cire

Floor-art, the'art du beton cire

So for your floors or walls, do not hesitate And no I have no share or share in this company, but I just found the outstanding work!

Site: Art-Floor

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    Mellissa Rackliffe 

    It is normal that the link takes on a German site?


    Miri Belen 

    Not normal, in fact, a small «.com» in the place of a «.fr» and here we are with our German friends.
    Thank you for your note!


    Egan Lakelin 

    Thank you to you their products / colors look interesting I made a request for documentation.
    FYI: Marius Aurenti also offers very beautiful things.


    Derek Brucker 

    Thank you for these precisions, the work of Matiusaurenti are also very interesting.
    The gerants Art-Floor are reactive, and even available live on facebook more often if you wish.


    Sal Urich 

    The universe of the house you interested You are fascinated with the art of decoration and DIY do not scare.
    Join us on kazanostra. fr site, new community portal that allows you to showcase your home stories.
    Thanks to this site, you can explore and share ideas deco, handyman tricks, and tips to beautify your home at lower cost.
    Join us now on.


    James Tronson 

    he but I could swear that the lamp on the 2nd picture is a lamp napa Site achatdesign. com? am I wrong?


    Alix Housley 

    «And no, I do not share or share,» sorry but you’ve confused the verb be and have.
    «And no I do not HAVE to act or part»


    Kelley Dane 

    oh yes…merci good master CAPELOT for your remark, small shells can sometimes creep into our items!


    Bladen Coop 

    In any case, I am allee see on their website, and it’s really nice what they offer!
    I like the idea of ​​making oneself its deco. And the colors change color «basic».
    I placed an order for my worktop in the kitchen tired tiles! I look forward to my order to me during my conges!
    I acceded.


    Lean Branford 

    ah well hoping that this gives a good result!
    We await your photos on our Forum to monitor the advanced your project!



    The new online store is currently being finalized and optimization (too slow)

    you read. com, redirects by fr are ongoing.
    We welcome your opinions.


    Eden Staniland 

    thank you for the links I’m also going to order and the advantage I’m from the south.



    Thank you for these beautiful photos. I see that there are plenty of DIY to put wax concrete. If you want some additional information about the pose I refer you to.
    Thank you.



    Do you know a wax concrete supplier that distributes in Quebec? I can not find. Thank you and good day.


    Kasandra Ake 

    — Ah, good question, I do not know directly, I can try to look powerless assure you of the success of this research, not being on site.
    If you find it, do not hesitate to come and post the results of your research.


    Lulu Balle 

    Great blog, otherwise the wax concrete is good but I think it’s too slippery.



    renovated bathroom — socks, definitely.


    Tangela Temple 

    hello, we are specialist in concrete application of wax, tadelackt.
    we’re on Brittany but we are moving internationally.


    Clifton Brining 

    Design means well indeed with concrete wax, that is why, this product is now very useful for this type of work, and besides, it’s pretty.


    Irving Bedgood 

    Yes, it’s true in the sense ca rhyme figure, but I think outside the aesthetic can also highlight the fact that AC can be more economical because no need to remove old tiles if it still holds up.



    The decorative concrete is also very used in kitchens (work plan). This is a very design solution!



    As you show very well the wax concrete has become very trendy either in the kitchen, the bathroom, on the floor or even on the walls. In addition, the practical prices are becoming cheaper and quality of products is excellent as you can see from


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