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Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez

Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez

Jonathan Gomez, young french designer presented his project baptize Festool Radio, a brand that will certainly tell you anything but will ring in the ears of ebenistes, carpenters and other woodworkers.

Festool, German brand specialized in design and material distribution is for professionals including artisans!

Jonathan Gomez tries to broaden the range of the brand by giving it a new direction, more fun and leisure but extremely effective and attractive! Adapted a radio in the middle of the workshops, mobile worker will follow in its different displacements.

Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez
Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez
Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez
Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez
Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez

» What if Festool Was a radio?

DURING this branding project, I Had to design a radio for a brand I have beens Given. Combining brand analysis tools and design thinking, I Had to imagine How Would Festool — a power tool manufacturer — design a radio.
Festool HAD led the power tool industry for decades. At the top-end of the market, the brand is loved by professional wood workers and carpenters Such As cabinet makers.

The company reinvented Itself 4 times in less than a century. This shows icts motivation to adapted to the fast changing Needs of ict customers. They Developed a Range of products and precision That allows mobility for professionals on the go.

The old archetype of the radio is dead. Mobile devices, bluetooth speakers and streaming services are now mass consumed them how the music and radio programs. To be covered in the flooded market of music devices, Festool Has To the bring real value to customers ict. »

He imagines a radio, very resistant can be worn without barely hanging by a clip was placed on his belt or his workshop, a start / stop, adjustable choice of frequencies and you’re playing!

It adds a bright indication system to display a message, frequency without screen to limit the risks.

Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez
Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez
Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez
Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez
Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez
Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez
Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez
Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez
Festool Radio Project Jonathan Gomez

However, no trace of a possible connection to a smartphone listening distance.

More information on this designer: Jonathan Gomez

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    LONDON HERE: HOW THE MIND DESIGN? «» The old archetype of the radio is dead. Viel the archetype of the radio is dead. It is a premise According to wikipedia «A premise is a proposal regarded as obvious by itself or satisfactory in another argument, from which a conclusion is deduced» CONCLUSION: SEE MY NEW MY PROTOQu’ecrivent the Ensci this notion of archetype: «The concept of archetype, a common image, as an image that makes reference to the common things and partageables. La archetypable presence of something, an image that transcends time and eras. «Catherine master Innovation by design Ensci about Jasper Morisson» Prototype? archetype? These are exciting concepts, both overused and poorly understood. Yet they were described quite finely, including semiotics. I seek what connection could then be established between semiotics and design and how these concepts could occur in the object. I have thus chosen to illustrate the variety of roles that can be played archetypes and prototypes through a series of examples, all from designers work. Finally, the subject opens to many more interdisciplinarity, towards cognitive science as well as to the marketing and returns to the design! «Claire Alix Passot diploma in 2003 (Industrial Design) . This is what we read in the memory OUTSOURCED Web 2.0 several generations of Ensci «deconstruct these archetypes inherited from the past» «an update of the archetype» «a questioning of the same archetype of the object, »» A reclassification of archetypes «» work on formal archetype «GOMEZ VS LEHANNEURLe more future oriented, oriented siences known designers Ensci Mathieu Lehanneur has done for Lexon, like a radio with right arm draws, which model and Elise Dekens ex prototype of the school Boulle «With Hybrid, I merge the magic of the media and the primitive of digital appareil. L’intelligence married here in the source material, what we might call the smart craft! »


    Allan Cheadle 

    A new great difficulty following you, understand the morning, synthesize knowledge is a quality you should work We all have our faults, but you lose all effectiveness and as much tells me: «When you see the length and says Prof Z, it does not read»
    it’s a shame not always understand.
    Let us return to our sheep, I find exercise and very interesting results, being brings a lot Trainer in the workshops or in general a throne music station in a corner full of dust awaiting his last breath under a mountain chips!


    Efrain Baldwin 

    HERE LONDON: The London french strike at the door of the French of Paris Adda, CEO Lanne, designer (eg Strate College) Artistic. Director. . LEXON PARIS Jonathan Gomez gave us a small number of logician and storyteller (storyteller) amateur I could deconstruct but is still learning or training post since he is junior designer. The design is primarily a research effort not to doctoral research but research on the web, that is to say in this huge global memory outsourced bulk. He should have found that the German mark (not French) Festool (eg Festo) has already developed worksite radios and therefore, if he had been in contact with the company, it would not put me in its digital radio portfolio of an American competitor So I ask myself the context of this project which seems to me to be as certain project categorizes Alessi project and are bottles to the sea for Alberto Alessi. I think its key radio project door that takes the shape of some open bottles or advertising door hangers (also called panel «do not disturb» the hotels should be studied with an open French society as Lexon.


    Melodi Shelton 

    YOU HAVE REASON … I LIKE . but as in its presentation jonathan gomez in Behance and his site makes us radio wool over our eyes, voluntarily and involuntarily different semantic shifts using concept and tools that do not control really, I advise him to add a flashlight his belt radio. We are in theory possible adjacent Stuart Kaufman argues that inventions and innovations are always the recombination of elements existing fruit. .We see that the formal similarity by formal analogy with the hotel sign, we get to put this project has a door handle, which can be interesting to use and categorize the gift advertising, which is a marketing tool. Yet research scenario of uses.


    Mateo Danby 

    So much for me and not French German brand, shell corrected.


    Joel Whiffen 

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE DIETER RAM (German designer emblematic) THAT HANG THE DOOR HANDLE THE SITE… REVISITED BY DESIGNER CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE influenced by TOURS A kind of post modernist collage in an age of retro design. He should apply for a Fuse project / Yves Behart California he cites as referent in matters of speaker bluethooth jawbone which he said would change the radio. ions CONCLUSION: THE RECRUITS I A DIGITAL PORTFOLIO serves more recruits to be integrated designer and studio designer has be Copyright


    Mat Lasher 



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