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Exchequer 3D Ji Lee

Not enough complicates traditional chess to the taste of Korean designer Ji Lee. So it adds a dimension to the plateau chessboard, thus emphasizing the spirit of epic battle your duels. The King and Queen perch at the top of the mountain seems so untouchable.

Exchequer 3D Ji Lee

For on that chess lovers appreciate it, but the concept is interesting, and PLACED attacks more complicated to detect.


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    Ford Founds 

    I love chess and play it when when there is someone who knows and wants to play. But then frankly I’m bluffing. I would love to have this chessboard.
    What give the impression of being on a battlefield, the strategy becomes even more sense.


    Sulie Cotterill 

    the strategies will certainly also very easily detectable by your opponent… The complexity chess amplified this certainly find taker WITH collector or avid gamers novelties.
    Cdt, Vincent.



    Or I can buy this 3D chessboard.



    Beautiful concept for the king and queen are above others in their castle towers surrounding It is brilliant but we must be crazy chess to start in this game as I see it more as a formal research verticality of visibility throughout starckienne to decorate a side table and do about consersation.
    Me the game I prefer is that of Man Ray with one piece «Not to make trade» .It Andre Bettancourt who gave it to me, one day Artcutial. He published multiple Too bad I have not met Mrs. .



    Easy to make DIY DIY.


    Evita Hobson 

    And vertically?


    Ford Founds 

    Genial !!! He was playing chess stand diversion of the song by Michel Berger.
    Oh yes Milo Janus was commentator here, we would be entitled to link, and if + affinity. It Muuuz arde.
    Like what part is not the work of art, nor the idea design.
    PS Hammacher is a very interesting commercial site.


    Royce Cougill 

    Verticalize which is horizontal improves its visibility (lesson philippe Starck to see the object and be seen)
    Can also horizontalise which is vertical.



    I play failure and the ladies in my bathroom while listening the Stauss I am for dematerialisation of design The rest of my house will be painted white table Idestyl.


    Paulita Merriweather 

    Conquer middle earth.


    Lindsey Dovey 

    The design is a game.
    A chessboard ds rotunda (in architecture, circular edifice, surmounted by a cupola) When the arch influences the design.


    Desmond Leeds 

    Exchequer and roly.



    and disassemble…


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