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EnterBell doorbell and PianoBell by Li Jianye

For most of us shifted the Designer Li Jianye We present a re interpretation of our traditional bells enthroned at the entrance of each of our homes. The first form of three piano keys allow your visitors to notify you by playing you a little composition, or at least «in the moonlight» (PianoBell)

The second address is a slightly more targeted customers, representing an «Input» button on our computer keyboard, your visitors will warn you pressing a button, all the techies, addicted to their computers will not be disoriented. (EnterBell)

An original way to welcome your guests.

Website designer Li Jianye

by Esprit Design

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    Ferguson Byfield 

    Visualize the source of «bell EnterBell and PianoBell by Li Jianye» on.



    We must not forget that the bell is a substitute to the strike on the surface of the door. With this in mind the experience of Stefano Citi are more original as they come back to the fundamentals of the use of the door.


    Dusty Hufton 

    1: Bell EnterBell and PianoBell by Li Jianye.


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