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ELA office suspended by Jovo Bozhinovski

ELA office suspended by Jovo Bozhinovski

E.L.A creation of the Bulgarian designer Jovo Bozhinovski discovered by the public exhibition designer Mikser 2010.

shape, certainly not futuristic characterizes the originality of this establishment, indeed this office has two steel cables for wall mounting. By its fiberglass structure lightening it up based on two feet and two cables.

ELA office suspended by Jovo Bozhinovski

ELA office suspended by Jovo Bozhinovski

ELA office suspended by Jovo Bozhinovski

ELA office suspended by Jovo Bozhinovski

A lightweight desktop and imposing pretend to levitate like a spaceship from the stars.

It also is a connectivity system embarquee, handy today

Official website of designer Jovo Bozhinovski


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    the levitation is prohibited to tenants and home owner in siporex.


    Milagros Stride 

    Indeed, the retaining wall should be more than resistant!


    Raylan Wayt 

    OUILLE ale ale there are times or design rushes in too subtle concepts for me when I do not see too function, looking for aesthetics but I’m still looking Well I’m just being a little too functionalist I confess, then taste and color eh!


    Virgil Schirru 

    By dint of gorging words, storytelling, scenario and immediates images in blogs and the press, design becomes little by little a kind of oxymoron… It empties what Patrick Jouin. appele substance, what I called its essence much like contemporary art besides.
    A tiny middle decided that it is design or art.
    It’s a bit complicated but with a careful reading on wikipedia one can understand the meaning.


    Dario Polley 

    — I do not know if there is a subtlety exacerbated in this concept, each pushing connotations and has felt its measurement.
    For my part, the system imitating levitation, clean lines, futuristic forms sufficient to my happiness.
    Z — I do not know if this kind of establishment goes or not in the right place of creations called «design». Like you mean identical word loses its meaning to him or never really had. I’m just trying to «not necessarily» go so far in my reflection, to appreciate, to be amaze like a kid in front of a Christmas present. (I am going away, but it is often the case in front of the concepts unusual, some touches you, the other less)


    Woodrow Telfer 

    Ba I love the principle of levitation, suspend, hanging, hanging etc.
    But I do not know I think the lightness is not to go, if it was the desired effect. This is what I find unfortunate here! I have a little trouble with the forms as accurately rather futuristic.


    Cary Cregg 

    hangs on the wall in every sense of the term, a lightness any Soviet or Bulgarian Yet the concept of suspension bridge office is interesting.


    Theodora Chaplin 

    The levitation impression can be made with simple physical principles and technical means such as gravity (bottle holder-chain-Pa-Design) or sophisticated using the fields magnetisms not without gravity physiological however I have learned that treating sore heads with magnets.


    Reg Keville 

    I think for this concept, the notion of levitation is a characteristic of the cabinet and not the search order by designer (at the risk of being wrong).
    Overall, I find the very coherent, the relationship form, matter, functionality is operational.
    Little more, the spatial connotation (see even Star Wars)


    Donny Stream 

    Conceptual designers of the Eindhoven Design Academy made a light (true) levitation.


    Ebonie Frazier 

    If the goal is to make a cantilever office, the solution is bad.
    I had already critical in this project Starckian my English and I had taken as a reference design aesthetics and innovation N-7 Table Norayr Khachatryan for Casamania.


    Audria Burney 

    Futuristic office?


    Treva Hart 

    less impressive fashion…


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