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Doc’Spag: the solution to the problem of spaghetti

Doc’Spag is intended for fans of Italian cuisine, but unfortunately do not control the spoon to wind the spaghetti around their range.
The elaborate form of this plate can eat his meals elegantly without the tablecloth to suffer. This plate, the shape and color design, can also be adapted to other but delicious.

Doc'Spag : la solution au probleme des spaghettis

Price: 15 € (1 plate ceramic), € 18.5 (for 12 plastic plates)

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    Cathal Howard 

    Thank you for the link.
    Have a good weekend.


    Darren Pinkney 

    Design… and pasta… a great story.



    Combines food… but separated…



    bed itiliser a teaspoon yogurt with that?


    Slade Staron 

    Also one BEDesign.


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