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DIY: Make your own chalkboard paint

On the walls, furniture and even appliances, slate painting is now very fashionable. And for good reason ! It is both practical, original and aesthetic. And is now far from green and slate gray colors that were found in schools of our childhood.

I like to show my creative when using the paintings and put or least expect it, like on the central island of a kitchen or on a bed head But I also like to use it to realize a painting everything from classic. I recently redecorated my son’s room with stripes and I could not resist the urge to put there also of chalkboard paint … I MADE myself!

DIY: Make your own chalkboard paint

Meg Padgett
You can find the paintings in many colors in brands like Hudson Paint. But it will cost more than 20 euros a pint, which can quickly return very expensive. The solution ? Realize yourself your painting! Not only you will make savings, but also you can get the exact color you want.

DIY: Make your own chalkboard paint

Meg Padgett

Putty without sand
Latex paint in the color of your choice
A cup or bucket to mix
A brush or roller
A paint mixer

DIY: Make your own chalkboard paint

Meg Padgett

1. Mix eight Latex paint portions with a sealant portion in a bowl or basin.
If you work with small quantities, mix one teaspoon of mastic with half a cup of paint. For larger quantities — as here — there are a cup of putty to about 2 liters of paint.

Make sure the sealant is properly diluted, otherwise you may see unevenness in the final render. I personally use a paint mixer and a 20-liter bucket: it has proved a simple and effective way to mix a large amount of paint.

Note : The sealant is generally sold in large quantities: Approximately 10 euros for a pot of 5 kilos. So are planning the coup. I knew I had to make the joints of the shower. So I chose putty without Polybend sand that I can reuse this was the time. Think about the work you have left to do and if there are none, perhaps you’ve a friend who comes to tile the entrance hall or redo his bathroom and that could give you what remains of sealant?

To eliminate the shiny appearance of the painting I found these on sale and get the traditional black coal of school boards, I mix 2 liters of black paint with 2 cups of white paint to the ceiling. I have then added the sealant.

DIY: Make your own chalkboard paint

Meg Padgett

2. Paint your surface with chalkboard paint you just realize. Prepare the surface to be painted as usual. Personally, I always pass two coats of paint, whatever the medium.

Here, I opted for a charcoal gray everything from classic. You can use the same color as the other walls of the room or opt for a different hue to create a contrast.

DIY: Make your own chalkboard paint

Meg Padgett

3. Last stage: that your table is ready to be used end, rub it with chalk and then wipe with a dry cloth forming a circular motion. And voila, all to your drawings!

DIY: Make your own chalkboard paint

Meg Padgett
I painted an entire wall with paint table in the room of my son and I then framed in the manner of a table. The result ? A nice space, ideal for playing, but also to learn.

Did you know that you could make oneself of the slate painting?

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    I’m wondering if there’s a substitute for grout? I’ve heard crushed chalk or baking soda goal do not know if there’s Any Truth To That.



    I would like to paint an outside wall in the playground and turn it into a chalkboard wall.
    Can I use plaster of Paris INSTEAD of the un-sanded grout?
    Would it stand up to the Elements if I added the plaster of Paris to a semi-gloss exterior paint?


    Shelley Boggs-Burge 

    I have-been making my own chalkboard paint for a little over a year.
    I use Calcium Carbonate Powder. I found it on Amazon for 1 lb $ 9.
    Recipe: 2 Tbsp Calcium Carbonate Powder plus 1 Tbsp hot water mix it up For a Few seconds till the hot water Dissolves all the powder, Then add 2 cups of paint whatever you want and mix.
    Works awesome on everything, walls, furniture, veneer / laminate, metal. It Does not smell like the horribly toxic unsanded grout and it Dissolves Within seconds leaving no worries for clumps in your paint.
    It aussi Does not dry / harden as fast at the plaster of parts and / or unsanded grout. And it is way Cheaper!
    If you keep a spray bottle of water nearby you can spritz whatever you are painting to help out-even brush strokes (for larger projects as you chalk paint starts to harden up and the bristles on the brush start to clump together).
    Vous pouvez aussi keep a can of water and dip your brush in the water as needed to loosen up the bristles As They start to dry, harden and clump together When working was wide project. It is a learning curve, goal chalk paint is so easy to work with and forgiving … if I can master it, anyone can!
    It is natural, and cleans up Easily (before it dries) with soap water …. Assuming the paint is use your soap water clean up. As long as you keep the brush wet while using it, Then give it a cleaning awesome when done …. you won’t-have to throw out your brush after-use one like plaster of paris and unsanded grout will.


    Meg Padgett 

    ceegibson — I have no experience using plaster of paris goal I have heard of others using it successfully. stella8902 — you can absolutely use Any Color, since you’re using latex paint.



    Great idea



    With about 8 pounds of leftover non-sanded grout in the box and has one billion gallons of paint in the garage, I just Bought A quarter of chalkboard paint. Who knew?
    Question — I painted a single kitchen cabinet door with the chalkboard paint. When I get tired of it, can be regular latex paint painted over it? Probably first priming it Would Be a good idea.



    Meg — Thank you! Oil based primer and Some sanding, easy enough! Love Apartment Therapy.


    Meg Padgett 

    @Bobbi P — Here’s Some Great tips on how to paint over chalkboard paint.


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