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Designer delirant or visionary?

Small pele mele year-end gathering some of the most delirious and offbeat creations. One wonders sometimes even how to realize the idea of ​​these creations can germinate in the head of these designers. Hat gentlemen artists!

Titanic lamp, Charles Trevelyan

«Do not sit on my sofa,» the quintessential anti-sofa

Tango chairs, Ante Vojnovic

Chairs wank Craig Alun

Ultimate cushion to be certain defeat in pillow fights.

Table Bookshelf

Table Football XXL, accommodating 11 players per Amstel

If you have other offset projects, do not hesitate to leave a comment so as to share it all!

by Esprit Design

Category: trend

Comments: 2

    Fidel Horwood 

    This table idea is superb, I who love books (both the content and the object) !!!
    When will production series of this type of work?
    For once read a table will be socially accepted.



    There are no words to dseribce how bodacious this is.


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