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Designer: Adrien Guerin

Young french designer, Adrien Guerin We offer design achievements sleek and has both poetic. The concept At the foot of my abre is the best representation. A parasol tree, dense foliage, leaving only lightweight sunlight coming heat you for your nap in your reading.

An invitation to relaxation that is found in the living room for the module Frag, has both sofa and coffee table, bed and chair, he will find a place in your interior by giving it a contemporary twist both its lines by color.

Designer: Adrien Guerin



Website designer Adrien Guerin

by Spirit Design

Category: furniture

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    I love this young designer, the concept at the foot of my tree is beautiful, good luck to him to break through.


    Lexia Hemingway 

    Adrien Guerin is also a remarkable blogger and I wonder why the team of the label (bad name?) Of ensci not working more with it.
    I do not know if Steiner has retained his seat project In any case the concept of the luminaire has probably inspired Lehanneur.


    Betta Allport 

    My visual memory deceives me: I just review the lighting concept of Christophe installation on the blog Lehanneur, this has nothing except + or 6 in the design. Adrian is here in the world of Tord Boontje replaces Ron Arad RCA improper design? (Sic)


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