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Design School LISAA

Design School LISAA

LISAA, the Higher Institute of Applied Arts is for students and their families are four trades to be undertaken: The graphics (illustration, visual communication, web design, motion design), There mode (textile design, fashion design) Thedesign (space, product design, interior architecture) And theanimation (2D, 3D animation, video games).

A design skills provided Paris, Nantes, Rennes and Strasbourg.

His story » Founded in 1986, LISAA opened schools in Paris, Rennes, Nantes and Strasbourg and shape young creatives to the different trades of applied art. In small workshops human scale, in schools LOCATED in the heart of cities, students acquire the knowledge and techniques that allow them to integrate the workplace.»


Design School LISAA


«Self-Portrait of a room, our inner world. The central figure is a nymph. It multiplies, her hair, source of his strength, give movement to the creations. Many materials are solicited as sticky, jersey, cotton or denim for a raw key. The cushions evoke pebbles, clouds, waves »

And small graphic fun, even if we strongly Isolate from line BED, small animation video also performed by students in Animation: Complex Hedgehog.

A short video on withdrawal and rejection of others, tracing the adventures of a young «herisson woman »

For more information, open houses will be held from4 to 6 April 2014 in all establishments.

More information about the school: LISAA

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    Lewie Mundon 

    I meet some furniture design ideas, concepts Morgan Buchert, 2011 Via School Concept deja vu Milan sitting by Sam Sania.
    Concept deja vu Milan sitting by Sam Sania.


    Bab Baggarly 

    Morgan Buchert Studio Louismorgan, it’s great interview.



    FACE OF A SCHOOL … We see very well the projected image of a school through google picture. It is the image projected from school in an institution and by the time school students without a face, without much furniture design, lighting and object design that are the backbone of the notoriety. We can make a parallel with other schools as Ensci Ecal or Eindhoven. Gold after neuroscience brain stores first faces .


    Mat Winn 

    «A social brain primarily A recent scientific hypothesis suggests that the large size of the human brain CLEAR FROM Evolutionary development of a vital function essential to the survival of our hope: social cognition. To perpetuate and improve every human being would be based, in fact, its capabilities has cerebral decrypt the value of alter ego, a grasp potentially friendly or malicious nature has evaluate the benefit there would be a bind to, or, conversely, to flee them. «A smile causes a smile: A little mirror neurons Wikipediatre» Mirror neurons are brain neurons category which show activity both when an individual (human or animal) execute an action when it observes another individual (especially its species) execute the same action or even imagine when such action, or mirror term. There is also the echos. En cognitive neuroscience neurons, mirror neurons play a role in social cognition, including learning by imitation, but also in the emotional processes such as empathy. The Professor Ramachandran, an authority in the field, the neurons called mirror neurons empathiques1.Les are considered a major discovery in neuroscience. While some researchers2, they are a central element of social cognition (since the language up art through the emotions of others and understanding) to others.3, these findings are very hypothetical terms the role of these neurons in these psychological processes. »


    Timothy Mullennix 

    Only representante Lisaa on BED, Charlene PLOURDEAU.


    Sherika Ashman 

    It’s little, but in design furniture apart this draft Morgan Buchert I see nothing. She works for Ora Ito Hotel O and his associates in the Studio LouisMorgan Louis Aspar who made Lisaa is currently Ensci after a period and New Ora Ito. They have some potential The concept is edited by Sam Sania BBB emmebonacina in 2008. It is different from that of Morgan Buchert even if there is thinking. I think it could be edited by Roset In 2009, Sam was regarded as a designer of the same level of emergence in the ecosystem Milan saw Ron Gilad and Sam Baron by the great Italian design magazine Interni. This project was diverted and copies in Italy even that another project coffee table by Nendo. He had some gaps com and editorial policy.


    Mirtha London 

    frederic Saulou, 2 projers on the blog is ex LISAA.


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