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Design and Trophee Neil Conley

Neil Conley, young English designer presents us New Designer Awards, a nifty trophy transforming into medal upon request

A block of wood as a support, a brass medallion all connected by a leather strap and a brass bolt. Imagine for The London 2012 Design Concept, this establishment takes its design expertise and each area of ​​the lounge, leather work, wood, metal

His bio:

» Upon graduating from Northumbria University’s 3D Design; Furniture and Product degree program in 2010, Neil Conley founded de His self-titled Multidisciplinary Design studio. Specializing in the design and manufacture of interior products and accessories, the studio Produces award winning aussi dans le disciplines parts of furniture, lighting, packaging and graphics. »

More information on this designer: Neil Conley

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Comments: 12

    Bowen Leeks 

    1777 Articles.


    Lessie Bodin 

    Topics in 1777 or 1777 products? You want a medal .or a trpohee.


    Darrell Sutton 

    He has awards that Conley? Or his trumpet of fame?


    Bryon Singh 

    There ‘is no glory without drum or fanfare.


    Zoila York 

    Yes I very figure now.
    I want a medal though, expected 2000


    Ron Gathright 

    2012, 2012 or 2013 in 2013?


    Gertie Paines 

    Conley is an «award winning designer» to which section, for what purpose, for any product, for any project, for which concept for which artifact?
    Drawing. neil conley.


    Rossana Ruddy 

    As this unknown french who designed the Olympic podium in London (? What do french blogs) I would draw a podium consists of 3 wooden steps.


    Bryon Hollyman 

    A former student of Lyon, from Grenoble, recently a double master degree (MA + MSc) in the framework of the «Innovation Design Engineering» followed in the very prestigious Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, the young french designer Luc Fusaro has won the competition organized by LOCOG — London 2012.


    Myrtis Kingham 

    I do not know Luc Fusaro… Although I am BienVeilhan this pompous design is not my cup of tea.
    I do not know The London 2012 Design Concept, I did not know Neil Conley, award winning designer I knew he had a supporting medal «epure» becomes a trophy The London 2012 Design Concept. It is a concept worthy of 5, 5 designers, large french designers.


    Ash Keats 

    CROSS FERTILIZATION Cross-fertilization by this idea of ​​5, 5 designers for Cie. should be used to Philippe Spruch, CEO and former french new director of US Division create a design trophy. It would make so much fun at the pope’s digital ensci, Jean Louis Frechin who finds that the design is too french deco .and not enough digital.


    Dex Hamblin 

    I think Stephane Bureaux is the best idea of ​​trophy cup competitions hollow design. because those who do not win are often the victors term.


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