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Decoration inspired by a beautiful loft penthouse

The architectural firm has designed the Ofist Layouts and decoration of this magnificent penthouse loft for a couple of Istanbul, Turkey.
The structural approach to the house was to open up the spaces to get more light and to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. The small windows of the facade was enlarged and replaced by large windows across the entire width of the building, a large rectangular window was inserted just below the top of the hill to supply light to the mezzanine.
On the ground floor, the floor was covered with natural stone 60x60cm of irregular way to obtain the casualness.
Of metal shelves which extend over the entire surface of the wall providing the industrial dimension to the loft and a maximum storage while the apparent wood gives the necessary touch of warmth to the room.

decoration-salledebain loft

decoration-bedroom loft

loft wood-metal

mezzanine loft


stairs loft

Layouts kitchen loft

decoration kitchen loft

decoration room-loft


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