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Decoration ideas with minimalist style

This gem is situated in the city center of Melbourne, the site on which the house was built presents its own set of subtleties and possibilities.
The narrow field is surrounded by houses on each side, but the chance to benefit a garden at the front and at the back. Of materials such as, wood, stone, and steel were used for the house.
From the outside, the architectural language of the building voluntarily to interact with its environment.
The house is refreshing, it integrated a minimalist furnishings and decoration, the aim being to create a warm and inviting atmosphere thanks to the soft, natural finish.



Italian-marble shower

staircase steel-black

corner-minimalist office



minimalist garden-outside-rollers

suspended kitchen lamp

idee-deco-minimalist kitchen



door entry

house architect facade-white-siding-wood

house architect facade-white

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