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Dami Seung Yong Song Collection

Design after the «useful» (but is there a useless design?), The Korean designer Seung Yong Song This collection offers us Appointee Dami or reflection and the work focuses on the general aesthetics and use of new materials.

Table, lighting, storage, bench, module, the designer was inspired by traditional forms and structures KOREAN but here in the discounting by the use of Valchromat. Association and natural wood resin for coloring and bind together. Heatpress the matter becomes stable, rigid and very resistant to working 3D panels (materials effects, movements )

The words of the designer:

» The ‘Dami’ is named from Korean verb means clustering ‘put in’. Dami series are Consist of basketball forms and different covers and available for use and various DEPENDING on form and size. It shows visual beauty as well as the structure of Korean traditional grid qui HAS light and sturdy durability, and the combination of new eco-friendly materials called Expired Valchromat and CNC technology processing to make it possible to materialize modern object with traditional beauty. »

More information on this designer: Seung Yong Song


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    Theodore Goodbody 

    The Valchromat:


    Jacob Scrowther 

    useful, utility, user.
    The concept of design utility that not always directly relates to the user that is being presupposes the In User design. I have not read the book that seems based on this concept unless it is a business approach or marketing. As da’s library instead of the design, antenna design of the IDF Region which includes 70- 80% of French designers, I guess he. some utility.


    Len Wymore 

    seung-yong-song form was a Superior School of Art and Design in Reims and was assistant to Claudio Colucci studio and worked in Paris for Jean Marc Gady, Patrick Nadeau, and Matt Sindall but when Regare his other work pouurrait we think of Ex Eindhoven, RCA or the Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Karlsruhe.


    Lester Highsmith 

    Useful design not to cry in a handkerchief?


    Anthony Smith 

    Useful design not to cry in a handkerchief (continued)
    Diploma project «dream space in a pocket handkerchief The concept of space must be considered from the psychological point of view because it appeals to our desires, and our emotional needs. Thus, the development of my project aims to find a balance between the physical reality of space and the faculty of the mind has fantasize. Is not he the spiritual question of space? Can they not be the objects of the cocoons, sensory shelters? As a designer, I have to question the quality of my home environment, the poetic property of space. »


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